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Beijing announces strict mask implementation in public spaces

Be sure to have your masks on before heading out

Photo: @Macauphotoagency/Unsplash.com
Planning to head out anytime soon? Better have a mask on, then.

Despite the ongoing deadly epidemic happening in the country, it's no secret that there are still some people out and about in the city who aren't wearing masks. This has caused some friction between these daring souls and the authorities, and so Beijing has decided to put its foot down regarding this issue.

On the afternoon of Friday February 7, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice Chief Li Fuying held a press conference announcing that Beijing plans to strictly enforce the use of masks in public places such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, supermarkets, on public transportation and such places. If you're caught without your masks on, you'll be given a light warning and be asked to put it on. However, for those who insist on not wearing their masks, there's a possibility of getting detained.

Now how rigidly exactly the policy will be enforced, we're not quite sure. But if it is strictly implemented, then this is just even further proof of the country's determination to contain the virus. For those who understand Chinese, you can watch the video on China News website here.

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