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A day in the life of an average Beijinger...

We asked and you spilled about life in China's capital

Illustrations: Peter Reynolds
Well, an English-speaking Beijinger, that is. As part of Time Out’s global City Living Survey, you told us all about your life in Beijing. Here are the results – starting with the average Beijinger's* morning...

You get seven hours of sleep a night (after tossing and turning in bed)

Insomnia intro

Your alarm rings promptly at 7.20am

And one 20-minute cycle ride later...

Cycling 2

You start work a shade after 9.36am. So civilised!

You can’t get through the day without a cup of coffee

You probably left your dirty dishes in the sink (again) – which your flatmate hates, by the way

dirty dishes

You’ve been living in Beijing for three years

And you’re hungover about as often as you ring your parents – which is a lot

phone parents

Look out for more results from the global City Living Survey coming soon – including what makes Beijingers happy, our biggest bug bears, what keeps us awake at night and what we think about relationships. Can't wait that long? Pick up a copy of our September issue now to find out exactly what makes us Beijingers tick.

*The global Great City Living survey was conducted in English, all results are based on answers from English-speaking Beijingers.