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3 things we've learned about your sex lives

We may not watch porn, but we have no issues banging people we're not into

As part of Time Out’s global City Living Survey, you told us all about your life in Beijing. We asked you all about your sex life, and you spilled. So, what exactly do Beijingers (well, English-speaking ones) get up to behind closed doors?

39 percent of Beijingers are single

49 percent of these singletons are female. Out of the 61 percent of Beijingers who do have a better half, 9 percent don’t see the relationship lasting six more months.

But committed or not, it doesn’t seem to matter when getting hot and heavy under the sheets. Roughly 50 percent of all Beijingers, both attached and unattached,have had sex in the last week… which also means 50 percent didn’t. *Sad face*.

That sexy stranger chatting you up might not be single

There’s nothing like flirting at the bar for an ego boost. 29 percent of Beijingers hit on someone last week. We’re all for sweaty palms and sexual innuendo, the only thing is: there’s a 36 percent chance your admirer is already in a relationship! Monogamy’s outdated anyways, right?

Porn? Naaaah, we’ll pass

Unlike the salacious rest of the world, where 31 percent get off watching strangers bang on the internet, only 24 percent of Beijingers partake in porn. We’ll be chalking that up to our strict moral code, not the Great Firewall. And, just FYI, a whopping 98 percent of porn-watchers are male.

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*The global Great City Living survey was conducted in English, all results are based on answers from English-speaking Beijingers.

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