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Beijing's dog-friendly venues: the full list

Rover and co cordially invited to the following Beijing venues

The following fabulously useful post comes from Dan Christensen, founder of Penny's Food Studio, who creates scrumptious fresh food solutions for the cats and dogs of Beijing – delivered right to your door. What you're about to witness is a list of venues at which your pooch is just as welcome as its owner – even more so if the owner is a dud. It's also an excuse for Time Out's editor to (finally!) fill a blog with pictures of his beloved hutong mutt, Banjo. Take it away, Dan!

Penny's Food Studio has collated a short list surveying some of Beijing's dog-friendly venues. ‘Dog-friendly’ is defined as allowing supervised, leashed, well-behaved, quiet, and potty-trained dogs inside or outside their venues.


‘Kiss me and I'll wee on your suit. Except... whoops, looks like I already have, home slice.’

The Rosewood (pictured above), Opposite House, and East Hotel all allow dogs as guests in rooms under prearranged, pet-friendly packages. Don't expect to be able to take them to the breakfast buffet with you, but most can arrange special in-room meals for distinguished furry guests. Some allow dogs in their outdoor areas.

Venues with ‘all access’ for dogs



‘Not sure if I told you this already, but I actually live in an actual hutong. Winters are cold but the history is astounding.’


banjo slowboat
‘It just got to this point where the Slow Boat owner was like, "just the usual, brah?" and I'm all "dangran cuz", which is Chinese for "of course".’


‘These glasses actually clip onto the bridge of my nose, sort of like Morpheus from The Matrix but mine actually look good lol.’

3 Rock, Bottle, Boot & Cigar (BBC), Juice by Melissa (and Shunyi location), Paddy O'Sheas, Pinotage (and Shunyi location), Sweet Tooth Cafe.



When your entire squadron is on fleek at Great Leap. Actually hungover as f**k hence the fierce eyes soz.

Venues with restricted, outdoor access for dogs


banjo smooch

‘Will that be cash or credit then, sweetheart?’ Sit outside with your dog at the following venues.




‘I s'pose you never really know where they go when they go. I like to think they're up there somewhere, though.’



This is not a comprehensive list and, as you can see, the focus is on foreign-style venues. We've certainly missed some, and policies do change. Venues that have breed-ist or size-restrictive rules, such as allowing ‘small’ dogs only, have been omitted.

Many small restaurants will permit you to bring your dog, and it is often best to just try. As dog owners ourselves, we generally find it is easier to ask for forgiveness (or leeway) rather than for permission. Other places will depend on who is working there on a particular day. Look for the Penny's certified ‘Dog-Friendly’ sticker at some of the above venues.


Thanks, Dan! Very helpful. We'll leave you with this: if you're not sure, you can always just drink at home.

‘O.G Booze Hound’
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