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Five things you didn't know about Megadeth

Thrash metal godfathers Megadeth have some interesting skeletons in the closet

1. Their name derives from the Cold War

In the ’50s and ’60s, ‘megadeath’ was a term used to describe mass death that could result from a nuclear explosion. Guitarist and lead singer Dave Mustaine saw it in a pamphlet after leaving Metallica and adopted it for his new project.

2. Dave Mustaine grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness

This, mind you, is the guy who got kicked out of Metallica for doing too many drugs and later wrote songs about the occult and Satanism. But not to worry, Mustaine has turned things around: these days he’s a born-again Christian. Full circle!

3. Guitarist Marty Friedman is big in Japan

Former guitarist, actually. After ten years playing with Megadeth, Marty Friedman left the band in 2000 and moved to Tokyo, where he has since become a fully fedged TV star.

4. Mustaine’s hand fell asleep once – and never woke up

In 2002 Mustaine fell asleep with his left arm over the back of a chair, compressing a nerve and causing such severe damage that he had to break up the band and re-learn how to use his hand.

5. Best-selling author Dean Koontz wrote them a biography

In 1994, writer Dean Koontz wrote a band bio entitled Godzilla vs Megadeth, in which he says Megadeath rule because if Godzilla stepped on them, he ‘would get a foot full of hideously spiky, barbed, deeply penetrating bone fragments, and the last chords of their singular music would burst from their instruments, into his wounds, and through his bloodstream with devastating effect’. Yup.


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