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Music to all ears: Beijing's best upcoming gigs for every taste

Whether you like jazz, indie rock or something else, there's a live music event for you

With incredible musicians from all over the world landing here in the next few months, from instrumental guitarists to vocal goddesses, we're pretty sure all tastes are catered for – just choose what you want to hear and get out to enjoy.


MTA Festival 2019

Critics' pick

Returning for another year, two-day music fiesta MTA Festival takes over Tianmo Desert this June, this time with local icons Higher Brothers, Re-Tros and Omnipotent Youth Society leading the charge. A desert rave featuring music, technology and art (that's what MTA stands for, in case you were curious), dedicated festivalgoers can also camp out for the entire duration.

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Tianmo Nature Scenic Area , Tianmo Huailai Zhangjiakou Hebei 29-30 Jun Buy tickets

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