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Beijing subway now has train cars with different temperatures

You can now keep cool in a ‘lightly-air-conditioned’ train car on the Beijing subway

Photo: Liao Yunyi

With the summer scorch upon us, air-conditioning on the subway is often spotty. At times, it’s so stifling that you’d wish you could open a window. On other trips, you’ll find yourself reaching for a jacket. Well, Beijing’s subway authorities are trying to solve this issue by allowing commuters to choose their own temperature.

This week, the metro operators have introduced on Line 6 train carriages with two temperature settings: ‘strong-air-condition’, or ‘weak-air-condition’.

In case you haven’t noticed the stickers on the floors that have cropped up on the subway platforms on line 6, the blue 弱冷 sign indicates warmer carriages while the green 强冷 signals the colder sections. The difference in temperatures between the two is just 2 degrees C: the lower temperature carriages being 25 degrees C and 27 degrees for the ‘weak air-condition’ sections.

If the setting works seamlessly during heavy traffic on Line 6, it’s likely to be applied on other lines soon. Line 7 is the next most likely route to adopt the change, Beijing News reported. Before the extreme summer temperature strikes, let's hope it comes to all lines soon.

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