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Help SUBS go to the US

Local garage-punk heroes SUBS are raising money for an American tour

On the heels of a European compilation album in their honour along with a successful album release, local garage-punk veterans SUBS are reaching for an even loftier brass ring: a tour in the US.

The band's drummer Josh Feola recently posted an appeal on social media to raise funds for what would be the band's first trip to the US:

'SUBS' US tour has a few new confirmations... and we're close in a handful of other cities as well... but we still have a LONG way to go to raise the base level of funds we'll need to get to the US. Please bombard this link to anyone you think might be interested to see SUBS play North America in November.

Also holler at me if you got booking tips for LA, El Paso, Marfa, St. Louis, Kansas City, Philly. This is some real DIY shit, so far we're playing mostly underground shows in small clubs with no guarantees. I'm booking the entire tour myself through email and a 12-hour time difference... Kang Mao and Kosmo Wu live full-time off SUBS and don't speak much English so it's pretty much on me to make this thing happen. Help a dude out! We WILL go if we meet this Kickstarter thing."

Check their Kickstarter video here:

SUBS are known for their DIY ethos, which - despite being one of China's most well-known indie acts, especially on an international scale - has shut them out of a lot of opportunities afforded to bands who have signed to labels. In an interview about the band's most recent record, vocalist Kang Mao commented, 'We started going to Europe around 2004, and we've also been around Asia, to places like Malaysia and Singapore. We've always wanted to go to the US, and have been invited by festivals in the past, but since we’re not a world-famous band, it’s difficult for them to provide us with plane tickets or much of a fee. They probably think we can get money through some other avenue, like touring or whatnot. But this is actually really difficult for us, so we’ve always ended up abandoning the idea.'

Daww... help the dudes out! Check out their Kickstarter page, and donate a few kuai (or more) to help them reach their goal.
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