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Sign up now for 2018's Dining for Diversity fundraiser

Get behind marginalised groups with this delicious initiative

What's better than a dinner party with friends? Perhaps one where as well as all the fun of eating, drinking and revelry, you can also champion the cause of LGBTQI equality. If that sounds like your jam, the awesome activists at Beijing Gender are here to help with their second annual Dining for Diversity fundraiser, hashtagged #I'mHungryForDiversity and #多元人类

The idea is simple. On Saturday 19 May, hosts from around the city will organise private dinner parties for around 10-15 people, with each group pledging to donate a minimum of 3,000RMB to Beijing Gender. Beijing Gender will provide hosts, which could include you, with a starter pack of drinks, photo props, tableware and, best of all, tickets to the exclusive afterparty which will feature a live DJ and special surprise performance. Hosts just need to provide dinner and a safe space for people to gather and discuss topics relating to gender and sexuality, and have a good time, naturally.

If hosting still seems like too much hassle, a few restaurants will also be taking part in Dining for Diversity, with themed events on the nights and proceeds going to the charity – check back here closer to May 19 for further details.

Interested in hosting a dinner? Email AJ Song from Beijing Gender at aj@bghei.org.

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