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Tim Hortons is coming to China, plans to open 1,500 stores

Canadian doughnut overlord sets out on mega Chinese expansion

Image: meddygarnet via Flickr
In exciting news for Canadians, doughnut lovers and, particularly, Canadian doughnut lovers, beloved slinger of coffees and baked goods Tim Hortons is finally coming to China, with the company announcing on Wednesday that it plans to open more than 1,500 branches across China within the next ten years.

A Canadian cultural pillar – much like politeness, poutine, ice hockey, maple syrup or, to a lesser extent, Nickelback – the chain already has branches in 12 countries, from the US and the UK to Qatar and the Philippines, but is only now making its way into China.

Image: Raysonho via Wikimedia Commons

It's great news for those feeling doughnut deprived, although the arrival of its coffee may be met with less widespread delight – many would say that Timmy's brews are average at best, drunk out of pure necessity rather than gourmet appeal.

It's unlikely that any of Beijing's best cafés will be quaking in their hip, third-wave boots just yet, but beyond the coffee, Tim's will be bringing its decent range of baked goods (including Timbits), sandwiches and breakfast fare to China's shores. Who knows, the Chinese expansion might even bring with it some hot fusions, if Dunkin' Donuts' form of adding pork floss and seaweed to the doughnut-top is anything to go by. Tim's glazed baozi, anyone?

Image: bluejules via Flickr

The company has reported slipping sales of late, and also faced a backlash in Ontario recently for cutting employee benefits and paid breaks, so will no doubt be hoping that its dip into the massive Chinese market will bring about a much-needed boost. No word yet on when we might actually see the first store here in Beijing, though, so stay tuned.

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