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Two Shanghai restaurants place on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list

But no Beijing restaurants...

Image: Scott Wright (Ultraviolet)
This Tuesday (26 March), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants for 2019 were announced at an awards ceremony in Macau. Unfortunately for foodies in the capital, none of our local hotspots were included – not TRB, not The Georg, not Cai Yi Xuan – nada, nothing.

However, the Mainland hasn't gone completely unacknowledged, and if you want to try out some of the best restos on the continent then it's as easy as hopping on a fast train. Shanghai has once again nabbed the glory of being home to the only Mainland China entries on list, with both Paul Pairet's multi-sensory dining blitz Ultraviolet and Tony Lu's haute vegetarian temple Fu He Hui receiving accolades. Singapore's Odette restaurant took the top spot as Asia's Best Restaurant, while nine restaurants from Hong Kong also made the cut.

Image: Courtesy Catchon

Ranked at number 29, Fu He Hui climbed from last year (number 30) and 2017 (number 48) where it had fallen after its 2016 position at number 18. Ultraviolet came in at number 6, also an ascent from its number 8 ranking for the past two consecutive years. Ultraviolet is the only Mainland restaurant to be recognised on the group's international list, The World's 50 Best Restaurants, where it was awarded number 24 in 2018.

None of this is a huge surprise, as Pairet's and Lu's venues have been mainstays in the Asia's 50 Best awards, without any other Mainland restaurants cracking the list recently. (We're still holding out hope a Beijing venue will get there soon.) In the initial years of the awards, which began in 2013, a handful other Shanghai restaurants such as Pairet's Mr and Mrs Bund, Jade on 36 (which Pairet once helmed), Lu's Fu 1015, Family Li Imperial Cuisine and the now-shuttered Franck Bistro also made appearances.

Hats off to UV and FHH for continuing to spread the gospel of the Mainland's restaurant scene.

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