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Here's what Beijing's first-ever pet-friendly Starbucks looks like

It's a dog's life at this new Starbarks

Photo: Starbucks Beijing
After 17 long years of business, Pinnacle Plaza's Starbucks has just re-opened after month-long renovations – and it's now pet-friendly.

The very first Starbucks in Beijing to make the jump to legen-dairy status, this Shunyi branch ups the ante with a swanky new interior, an expanded coffee menu and a sprawling al fresco seating area that's completely paw-friendly, allowing your furry friends to sit by your side while you soak up the best of Beijing's warmer weather.


WechatIMG19 (1)

Having opened just yesterday (April 16), this Starbucks' decked-out deck is enclosed by a hedge (only time will tell how effective a barrier that'll actually prove to be) and features metal handles where owners can tie up their floof to stop them from straying.

The downside, though? Pets aren't actually allowed indoors, presumably to stop any grubby pooches from ruining the whole Scandi-chic vibe they've got going on – think zen lighting, chilled-out jazz and plenty of wood and stone finishes.

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The upside? PUPPUCCINOS. Yes, that's right, your best friend is now entitled to a free Starbucks Puppuccino when you bring 'em along. So the next time you're sipping on your triple, venti, half-sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato, you can also treat your pet to what's essentially a sugar-free cup of whipped cream.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 9.32.09 PM
Photo: Starbucks Beijing

For the hoomans, this Starbucks menu includes all the usual suspects along with six exclusive items that you apparently can’t find at any other branch in the capital. Say hello to new drinks like Matcha Macchiato (38RMB), Mango Passion Fruit Juice Tea Granita (36RMB) and the not-at-all-snappily-titled Teavana Mixed Fruit Iced Floral Juice Tea. There's also a Raspberry Flavoured Creamy Flat White, but we opted to leave that for another (braver) day.

Teavana Mixed Fruit Iced Floral Juice Tea.

There's currently no official ruling on what animals are actually allowed (though the name Puppuccino seems to suggest dogs, and by extension, cats). With that in mind, we've not-so-secretly got our fingers crossed for a bit of a Noah's Ark situation. Anyone got a pet llama?

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