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Celebrate World Jianbing Day and go in the running to win a year's supply of jianbing

Jianbing it on this April 30

Photo: UnTour Food Tours
Listen up all jianbing lovers, you now stand a chance to win a year’s supply of jianbing when you participate in UnTour Food Tours’ jianbing maps competition. Taking place in conjunction with World Jianbing Day on Tuesday April 30, UnTour Food Tours is organising an international jianbing competition in search of the best jianbing stalls in Beijing, Shanghai and beyond.

The jianbing, a traditional savoury crepe, is the quintessential Chinese breakfast food. Native to the northeastern parts of China, the history of the jianbing dates back centuries to the Three Kingdoms period. Legend has it that after Army Chancellor Zhuge Liang encountered a problem feeding his soldiers after they lost their woks, he ordered his cooks to mix water with wheat flour then spread them out on shields or flat copper griddles placed over an open fire. Thus the invention of this crepe-like dish that was then folded up and fed to the masses.

F Jianbing 2
Photo: @untourfoodtours/Instagram

This Chinese classic, made from a batter mix of mung bean flour and egg cooked over a flat griddle, is a burst of both flavours and textures. Layered with a sweet bean sauce and chilli paste, coupled with sprinklings of coriander, spring onion, pickles and finally topped off with the classic crisp texture of the deep fried baocui (薄脆 – a crispy fried cracker), this textural flavoured masterpiece is the reason it’s a culinary addiction.

To help spread the word about this savoury triumph, simply upload a picture of your favourite jianbing vendor coupled with address details onto Instagram, Facebook or WeChat with the hashtag #JianbingMap, tagging @UnTourFoodTours while you’re at it. If you’re submitting via your WeChat moments, be sure to screenshot your post and send it over along with your contact details to UnTourFoodTours’ official WeChat account (ID: UnTourFoodTours). Submissions close on May 5.

And voila! You’re automatically entered into the competition where you’ll stand a chance to win a year’s supply of jianbing. Think about it, your breakfast (or late-night snacks) could be sorted for an entire year – that’s a lot of eggs and crispy baocui we’re talking about. Your submissions will also be collected and uploaded on www.jianbingmap.com as a resource for all future travellers and jianbing lovers worldwide. And while we understand it's (very) tempting to keep your favourite jianbing slinger a secret from Beijing's greedy masses, think of the immensely tasty rewards of a global jianbing map. Also, sharing is caring.

"F Jianbing 3"
Photo: @untourfoodtours/Instagram

Finally, if you really can’t get enough of this delicious savoury crepe, UnTour Food tours also sells a 1.5 metre microfibre jianbing blanket, perfect for you and your snuggle buddy. At 200RMB, immerse yourself in the never-ending warmth of this Chinese street food legend.

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