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Taobao's best Christmas trees

We sort the tasteful from the tacky

Choosing the right Christmas tree is a crucial part of the season's festivities and it's a big decision. With so many trees to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. Do you go for the classic evergreen or something slightly more... fluorescent? Will it clash with the decorations (if by some miracle you can remember where you packed them)?

Taobao offers a huge selection of trees in all shapes and sizes. Don't go trawling through them all, here are some of our favourites.

Go traditional

There's no shame in being an unapologetic traditionalist come Christmas time. If you're after something understated and elegant, these medium-sized, almost realistic-looking (from afar, anyways) trees could be the way forward – anyone else smell the faint scent of pine? No? Just buy some pine-scented incense.

The classic tree

210cm. 133RMB (13.32RMB delivery)


The semi-realistic-looking fake tree

180cm. 120RMB (free delivery)


The tree with pinecones

180cm. 268RMB (48RMB delivery fee)


Go big

It's Christmas, so there's no reason to hold back.

The cheap and cheerful tree

240cm. 210RMB (free delivery)


The premium tree

240cm. 615RMB (43RMB delivery)


Go small

Taobao has lots of smaller, perfect-for-cramped-apartments and desk-top trees. Granted, some of them look like they've been semi-digested by one of Father Christmas’s reindeer, but there are a few winners in the bunch.

The little tree

60cm. 5.8RMB (free delivery)


The table-top tree
25cm. 30RMB (30RMB delivery)

table topper

Go bold

Who said Christmas trees have to be green or even tree-shaped?

The white one

240cm. 218RMB (18RMB delivery)


The wrought iron tree

180cm-210cm, 84.24RMB (13RMB delivery fee)


The purple one

180cm, 168RMB, 28RMB delivery fee

Don't be a hater. The two people on Taobao who bought this tree were very satisfied.


Go all out

Maybe you're too busy to spend hours-on-end hunting down the perfect Christmas tree and the decorations to match – or maybe you just can't be bothered, no judgement here. If that's the case, a 'package' is what you need. These trees come with pre-picked decorations, so all you have to do is lob them on.

Red decorations

240cm. 306RMB (6.12RMB delivery fee)


Gold decorations

150cm. 218RMB (free delivery)


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