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The 5 cuddliest cat cafés for Beijing's feline lovers

Where to have a coffee with a cute kitty for company

Photo: Pan Pan Zhang
By Pan Pan Zhang

For many people, a local café is a second home, a place to relax with friends or tap out a personal masterpiece on a worn laptop. It must be good business sense, then, for owners to shower patrons with warm drinks, comfort food and a cozy atmosphere. What could be more cozy and comfortable, though, than a fuzzy, loveable cat? Very little, it turns out.

Undoubtedly, the first thing you’ll notice upon entering a cat-filled café is a mass of smiling customers. It might be unclear how many of these animals are properly registered therapy cats, but they are clearly doing some sterling work in lifting the moods of feline fans across Beijing.

Take a look at our favourite hangouts to get our fur-ball fix.

Cat Tales Cafe 名猫休闲馆

Cat Tales Cafe 名猫休闲馆

If your child is feeling disappointed at not being able to carry the cats at Lovely Time, then head over to this kitty home instead. Just five minutes away, this two-storey café mostly has younger cats, and generally much easier to handle for kids. The café also sells cat food (20RMB).

Mao Xiaoyuan 猫小院猫主题餐厅

Currently one of Beijing's more popular cat cafes with several branches across the capital, it shouldn't come as a surprise that weekends can get packed with fellow paparazzi's chasing after these felines' attention and stolen shots. The Sanlitun branch houses 32 cats, although you'll only see 15 at a time. For those keen on feeding the little hosts, cat food is available at 12RMB a can.

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33 Sanlitun Lu (Ritan Park, Chaoyang)

Cats Party 猫咪主题休闲吧

The two-storey café features a lovely view on its second-floor space with features very similar to Lazily Enjoying Life cats café. Toys are available for guests to play with the cats, including a little cat stick for these little guys to paw at. Little snacks for the cats are also free of charge. 

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Xinya Street (Daxing)

Lazily Enjoying Life Cats cafe 懒样儿加菲猫主题休闲吧

Ever heard of a Garfield-themed café? Well, now you have. This café is home to eight shorthairs lounging around and playing with the different cat toys scattered around the space. The café has two floors, both with different sets of games and activities for guests.

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2 Dongshe Xi Jie, Chaoyang Lu (Chaoyang, --select--)

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