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Maovember is back: Grow a 'tache, splash the cash at these events

Mao-ve over October, November is here with more lip warmers to grow

The month all people with dads, sons, boyfriends, husbands or workmates with facial hair dread: the return of the mo. As November swiftly kicked in, so too does the annual pilgrimage towards lip hair glory. Luckily, the caterpillar-esque growths on the faces of those we love are usually for a good cause. The Movember campaign, originally held in Australia throughout the month of November and now a staple around the world, aims to 'change the face of men's health'. By growing a mo and raising money and awareness, the Movember Foundation wants to stop men dying young through recognition of cancers earlier, preventing suicide and generally increasing access to healthier lifestyle options and medical services.

This year, Maovember returns for its seventh incarnation. Playing off the original men's health campaign as well as a Chinese coin worth 1 tenth of a yuan called a mao (... Really? That's why?), the Maovember campaign here in Beijing encourages people to attend events and donate money to worthwhile causes. The 2019 campaign helps to raise funds for one of their veteran partners the Library Project – a charity in China that aims to help improve rural children's literacy by donating books and libraries in local schools.

So, it actually might be good news for those with potential Mo Bros – to support the cause here in Beijing, you don't have to grow a m(a)o, but simply attend events, buy pins and donate what you can. Read on to find out more and check in at the Maovember website for all upcoming details.

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