Autumn in Nishan Sacred Land

Take some time out to experience the beauty and tranquility of Nishan

Photos: Nishan Sacred Land
This Autumn, take some time out to experience the beauty and tranquility of Nishan. Blanketed in a sea of red leaves under clear blue skies, Nishan is the perfect destination to enjoy the marvelous autumnal weather. To make it even sweeter, Nishan Sacred Land has curated a series of experiences to help you make the most of the season. The scenic zone’s programme involves a series of activities that integrate traditional culture with modern science and technology. From open-air theatre to a large-scale ceremony of age-old rituals, these events allow you to immerse yourself in traditional culture and a closer understanding of Confucian ideals. The highlight of Autumn is the Mid- Autumn Festival and Nishan Sacred Land has specially crafted a spectacular series of shows to celebrate this important festival in the Chinese calendar. Piqued? These are the highlights you can expect at Nishan Sacred Land this Autumn.

Experience Ming Li Culture

Traditional Rituals of Respect Huacai Water Performance


Incredible choreography of light and water Be mesmerised by projected images on a simple shifting curtain of water. Then watch as the sky transforms into a cascade of light with fireworks and aerial drones. Local dancers also put on a riveting performance in the foreground, adding an element of traditional culture to this high-tech show.

Huamei Light Performance


Amazing fusion of light and music This ceremony and musical light show is a celebration of light, multimedia and traditional music. It’s an elegant demonstration of time and space, with the passing of thousands of years rendered into a display of mottled light and shadows.

‘Jin Sheng Yu Zhen’ Festival: Spectacular fusion of modern and tradition


Hear the unique sounds made by eight traditional musical instruments played during this Chinese play depicting Confucius values through one’s lifetime. With contemporary art installations covering the stage and holographic images projected around the arena, experience these classical Chinese art forms that transcend language and cultural barriers.

Incredible events at night

Lantern Festival


Take in the lantern-lit beauty of Nishan A series of light installations decorate the main passages of Chongde Gate as night falls, creating a festive atmosphere to ring in the Mid-Autumn Festival. The lantern display, with the theme of Confucius teachings, starts from Mid-Autumn festival to end of October. There’s no prettier way to better way understand The Great Sage’s philosophies than admiring these epresentations of Confucian ideals by the moonlight.

Special Cultural Activities Understanding Rituals

Decipher the meaning of ancient rites


Confucius was a lover of ceremonies. And tradition dictates that students must first learn the importance of li (礼) – the proper etiquette, rituals, and rites – as well as the correct writing style as part of the first ceremonies of life. Experience this traditional rite of passage as you return to the classroom in this special activity.

A Traditional Lunch

Experience a ceremonial meal

Sit down to a meal of traditional Han Dynasty food as part of a traditional ritual led by a host through the customary rites. Reciting the Analects of Confucius: ‘Write by hand, read by heart’ This is one of the timeless inscriptions in Confucius’s book of devotion. Confucian thought teaches us that through reading and writing, we can understand the world. Experience this understanding through a dedicated session of reading and writing.

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