Time Out pet guide: out and about with your furry friend

It's hardly the most dog-friendly city, but there are still plenty of good haunts for you and your pooch

City strolls

Tucked between high-rise buildings and busy roads you can find a bunch of calm and quiet dog-friendly public spaces. For scenery and shade, it doesn't get much better than a riverside stroll. Dog walker favourites Liangmahe (Liangmaqiao/ Chaoyang Park) and Bahe (Lido/Wangjing) have plenty of space on their waterside paths and leafy knolls for dogs to explore. For a spot of sightseeing, the courtyard between the Drum and Bell Towers, and the adjacent tree-lined paths, make a good pow-wow point for you and your pooch.

A walk in the park

Tongzhou Grand Canal. Image: Wikimedia Commons

While, at least officially, the majority of city parks are strictly off limits to man's best friend (sad face), there are still a few pro-dog parks. For Sanlitun dwellers, the unofficial, unnamed small park on the northwest corner of the Workers’ Stadium (near the Workers' Gymnasium) is a sweet spot for dogs to play and mingle with their compatriots. By the Fourth Ring Road, Taiyanggong Sports and Leisure Park (just next to Taiyanggong Park) will let dogs inside and has a plenty of space for exploration. Alternatively, out by the Sixth Ring Road, Tongzhou Grand Canal Park is a safe option and perfect for a longer walk. Running along the canal, it’s one of Beijing’s largest city parks and has a 4.6km path for your dog to sniff along.

Doggie day trips

Rent a car, pack a picnic and head a couple of hours north out of the city centre to Yunmengshan National Forest Park (Huairou district). Home to a 2,200 acre forest, streams, waterfalls and more, this scenic spot is perfect for the whole family. Pure. Doggie. Heaven.

Getting around town with your pet


With subways, buses and most taxis off limits, getting around in Beijing with a furry friend needs a bit of planning. Provided you give the driver notice, many Didi Dache drivers are happy to let your pet hop on board for a few extra kuai – just keep them safe and sound in their travel carriers to avoid any mishaps, which could result in a 500RMB fine.

When it’s a little bit of luxury you’re looking for you’ll need Gou Gou Zhuanche (狗狗专车). Specialising in luxury pet travel, Gou Gou Zhuanche works in the same ways as Uber and Didi, but specifically designed for dogs. Got things to do, people to see? No biggie. Dogs can fly solo – with a human at either end of the journey to take care of them – for an extra 10RMB. Gou Gou Zhuanche can also arrange national air travel for your canine pal (including a pre-flight health check), training, kennels and more.

For a full list of services, visit dogbus.com or follow Gou Gou Zhuanche on WeChat (ID ‘gougouzhuanche’).
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