Lenka talks music, motherhood, and being on tour

We chat to Aussie singer-songwriter on being on the road

Photo: Lenka/247 Tickets
Welcome to Lenkaland, inhabited by Aussie singer-songwriter Lenka and all her sugar bombs. Known for her upbeat, cheerful sounds, Lenka's music has always been a positive craze with songs like 'Heart Skips a Beat' and 'The Show'. Lenka's quirky theatrics were first derived from her early career as an actress and an education background in fine arts.

Set to play at Tango July 9 (tickets now for sale), we speak to this whimsical musician on music, being on tour and motherhood.

Your music has generally been bright and uplifting, from your 2011 hit ‘Heart Skips a Beat’ all the way through to your 2017 track ‘Lucky’. Is this a reflection of your personality? Otherwise, how did that style come about?
It’s not how I always feel by any means! But it comes from the fact that use songwriting as a sort of therapy for myself. I want to put positive vibes into my music to help myself and others feel good. I am a generally optimistic person…most of the time…

Photo: Lenka/247 Tickets

As a proud mother of two children, in what ways have being a mom changed your music making process, and the type of music you’ve created?
It hasn’t changed the style much, but it has changed its perspective. I now write songs to the kids, for the kids, sometimes from their perspective or how I imagine their view on the world to be. It’s almost like I have a new wonderment about the world through their eyes.

Music videos like 'Heart Skips a Beat', 'Everything at Once', and even in your latest video 'Heal', have leaned towards being slightly quirky and whimsical, how much has your acting and arts background been an influence on this?
A lot, for sure. I’m always very involved in the conceiving and production of the videos and that comes from my history in film and studying stop-motion animation and video art at art college in my youth. I feel like the visual communication is as important and the content of the music and love bringing that to life.

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Photo: Lenka/247 Tickets

What’s the one thing you’ve missed most, something you can absolutely never do without whenever you’re on tour?
Essential oils. I always travel with a little something to sniff on the airplane or bus and to drop into my bath at night. I find aromatherapy very therapeutic. Always lavender, and I have a great blend for breathing in to clear the air.

Tell us more about the type of music audiences can expect to hear from your China tour.
I’ll be doing a mix of the five albums I’ve released. Focusing mostly on uplifting tunes, with a few more melancholy tracks as well. We’ll be bringing a very colourful fun vibe for you guys!

What’s the first thing you’re going to do the moment you step foot in Beijing?
Have a bath and find some tasty food. It’s true what they say - Chinese food tastes better in China!

Could you share with us a little more about the wildest experience you’ve had whilst being on tour?
Here’s one! I played a festival near Zhoushan a few years ago. The stage was right on the beach and it was an awesome show. But afterwards, we got stuck trying to drive back along the beach to the hotel because the tide came in! It was funny and scary at the same time. Our car got stuck in the waves! We had to carry our gear along the sand and I was still in my high heels and stage dress. Haha, I’ll never forget it!
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