Ice cream taste test: Salted egg and 8 other wacky flavours

We tried 9 cult-favourite store-bought ice creams and here’s the verdict

Fact: You aren’t enjoying summer unless eat some ice cream. But not all ice creams are created equal. From out-of-this-world (re: weird) flavours to basic you-can’t-go-wrong-with-this vanilla options, we tried out nine ice creams popular among the locals in Beijing. And these are the results:

Aoxue Salted egg yolk ice cream 4/5

A local cult-favourite this summer, this frozen treat went viral on Chinese social media this year. Expats from Southeast Asia might remember the craze over salted duck egg yolks lathered over everything from chips to crispy fish skin. Well, in China, it’s now an ice cream. And we like it. Its savoury flavour pairs surprisingly well with the condensed milk in the ice cream, balancing out the sweetness. Due to a soaring popularity, numerous brands have jumped on the salted-egg train and offer their own versions. However look out for aoxue 奥雪· 双黄蛋. It’s made with 5 percent salted-egg and it sells out quickly whenever it is restocked in stores.

Can be found in: 711, Bianlifeng
Cost: 5RMB

Durian cheese ice cream 3.5/5

Legendary chef Julia Child once said that durians smell like, ‘dead babies mixed with strawberries and Camembert.’ Well, two out of three said ingredients are represented in this icy treat loved by locals. With a sweet taste, thick and creamy texture that resembles durian’s flesh without the pungent aromas, it’s a great introduction for those who haven’t tried the ‘king of fruits’. This specific brand we tried might be a tricky find in convenience stores due to its high demand, so be prepared to walk a few extra blocks to scour the stuff.

Can be found in: 711; maybe other convenience stores

Cost: 8.5RMB

Uji matcha 3/5

This box set of matcha ice cream comes with six popsicles in two flavours that vary in bitterness. If you love the lingering taste of green tea, go for the pops with black sugar fillings. The dark caramel taste of black sugar counterbalances the earthy matcha and leaves a bittersweet aftertaste. Those who believe ice creams should be sweet (like we do) should opt for the lighter flavour which is paired with sweetened red bean.

Can be found in: BHG Market Place and a few convenience stores

Price: 49.90RMB for a box of six

Meiji kiwi yogurt pop 3/5

These simple popsicles are coated with kiwi jam and are a common find in most convenience stores. They taste just like what you’d expect from the package – kiwi-flavoured treats with a frozen yogurt filling. Nothing exciting, but something safe to opt for if you’re deciding between the hawthorne or the goat milk flavours. A box set includes six pops.

Can be found in: Most convenience stores

Price: 37.5RMB for a box of six

Magnum double raspberry 4/5

This luscious ice cream is dipped in a smooth chocolatey coating, layered with tangy raspberry sauce and wrapped in a thick shell of Belgian chocolate. With a balance of sweet and tart, it’s one of the most indulgent Magnums and the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up.

Can be found in: Most convenience stores

Price: 13RMB

Lotte melon ice pops 1/5

These ice pops are popular because they look cute, being all bright and yellow. But contrary to its appeal, these thin, watermelon-slice-like bites don’t taste much like watermelon. It has an ambiguous fruity taste and a texture between sorbet and ice cream. A check on the nutrition label does say it contains a dash of watermelon juice but it’s probably lost amongst the other artificial ingredients.

Can be found in: 711

Price: 8.9RMB

Caoxiaomei strawberry ice cream 3/5

These fudge-looking bitesize frozen sweets taste no different than your average convenience store strawberry ice cream, except that they are packaged separately. Perhaps in an appeal to those on a diet that they won’t over indulge, and that they have control over their dessert destiny, we don’t know. A bag includes six pops, each printed with a random cheesy love note or a pick-up line.

Can be found in: Bianlifeng

Price: 9.9RMB

Dragonfruit ice cream 1/5

This pink ice cream is quite weird with its pink cone though it does taste like dragonfruit. It sports coconut flakes on top which doesn’t really go well the ice cream though. We appreciate the colour scheme, but we’re not convinced that it’s worth recommending taste-wise.

Can be found in: Bianlifeng

Price: 12.8RMB

Kayak frozen yogurt 4/5

Thick, creamy and sweet-enough, this imported frozen yogurt claims to be made with 100 percent Greek yogurt on the label, assuring us that its 100 percent healthy and guilt-free. This might explain why it’s more expensive than the rest. It comes in a variety of flavours and we recommend the peanut butter flavour which is loaded with crushed peanuts and caramel. Those looking to refresh the palate can opt for the mango, which is tangy and creamy.

Can be found in: BHG Market Place

Price: 16.9RMB

  • 4 out of 5 stars