Cheap eats: CBD and Chaoyangmen

Beijing's top chefs and restaurateurs share their favourite cheap eats

Top chefs and restaurateurs share their favourite cheap eats in the CBD and Chaoyangmen.


Tak Yong Chinese Cuisine (德永中国菜)

Critics' pick

Simon Wu, executive Chinese chef at Huang Ting (The Peninsula) says: 'Whenever I have friends or family in town for a visit, I take them here as we can order a lot of food without shelling out too much cash. I like the diversity of the menu, which includes Beijing, Shandong and Sichuan dishes.'

Order this 'My top three favourites are the Chinese cabbage and mustard (gufa yanzi jiemo dun, 古法腌渍芥末墩; 22RMB), traditional marinated Beijing bean curd with soy sauce and chilli oil (dazhaimen laotang doufu, 大宅门老汤豆腐; 16RMB) and hand-cut noodles with boiled beef (shuizhu niurou daoxiaomian, 水煮牛肉刀削面; small bowl 28RMB, big bowl 38RMB).'

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1 Guanghua Lu (Changping)


A healthy, DIY salad bar that serves up some pretty high-calibre toppings. Think lotus roots, okra and all kinds of pulses.

Order this It's all about DIY here, but they do have some tempting pre-made options as well. We like the Power-up Salad (牛肉能量沙拉; 36RMB) and the Low-cal Veggie Salad (低卡素食沙拉; 29RMB).

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Dongsanhuan Zhong Lu

Mao Cai Xu

This place serves classic malatang, but with a special Chengdu spicy broth. Depending on your endurance levels, you can choose from three different levels of spice.

Order this Our favourite combition is the mild spicy broth, special beef and fish cakes. Price is according to weight: 4.5RMB/100g.

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Dongsanhuan Zhong Lu

Hutong Memory

This traditional Beijing restaurant serves up rustic and affordable traditional dishes in the innocuous area of the CBD.

Order this Try the special hairtail fish (家熬带鱼; 28RMB) and the pork with seaweed (海带烧肉; 22RMB).

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8 Jintai Xi Lu


Laomen Kuang (老门框爆肚涮肉)

Kent Jin Qiang, chef at Made in China (Grand Hyatt Hotel), says: 'This is one of my favourite restaurants as I love old Beijing dishes. The prices here are decent and the place is clean, but most important is that the food is tasty and the meat very fresh. I try to visit the restaurant once a week.'

Order this 'My favourite dish there is the boiled tripe (baodu, 爆肚; 38RMB). If you’re looking for traditional hot pot in Beijing, I also highly recommend this place. What I love most, though, are the special seasonings and sauces.'

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59 Jinbao Jie (Miyun county)

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