How to eat Peking duck

Time Out's beginner's guide to how to enjoy the capital's most famous dish

Photo Credit: Chenchao; Waldorf Astoria Beijing
First things first: the famous fowl is presented to you, and the chef quickly and precisely chops and slices to make the crispy guy more manageable. Just sit back and enjoy the magic.




After the duck is cut up, things should be looking pretty neat and decorative. Well, not for long. This is where you come into the picture.


Take your first steps to achieving a glorious mouthful: place one (they love sticking together) paper-thin pancake on your plate.


Lie down the feathered foundation of the feast: a piece of crispy-skinned, tender duck.


Give the fatty duck some competition with a kick of cleansing radish.


Add some cucumber as well.


Turn it up a quack with some brisk scallion to make your meal take wings.


Add a generous splattering of sweet bean sauce to pay homage to the moist, natural habitat of the bird.


Fold the pancake from the sides and from the bottom – it's just like taco Tuesday, bro.


Get a good firm grab on the unreliable fella with your chopsticks, be careful not to release this one into the wild.


Bask in the brief glory of your finalized Peking duck pancake before it disappears forever and start again!


Alternatively, go straight to the ballet of peking duck eating as shown below. Bon appetite!

We sampled this gorgeous duck at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing's Zijin Mansion, one of Beijing best Peking ducks.

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