Beijing's best indoor pools

Five public pools for serious swimmers

Dongdan Swimming Pool

Gongti Swimming Pool

The smallest of our selection, this hard-to-find Gongti pool lies hidden on the cusp of Sanlitun. Apart from the lockers, there is little here that is brand new, but the facilities are nevertheless clean. Be warned, though: as with most of the pools in our selection, the single-sex locker rooms are devoid of cubicles, so be prepared to change, wash and dry yourself in front of staring eyes.

The pool
At 25m in length, serious swimmers might be frustrated by the size and the lack of lanes, particularly during busy hours. The water isn’t the bluest either, but it does the job, especially as a brief calorie-burning escape from shopping in Sanlitun.

Tiantan Swimming Pool


Located behind a sports centre west of the Temple of Heaven, this hidden pool is surprisingly well used. After lunch, expect large groups of retirees to belly flop into its waters, but they do at least stick to their lanes. If you don’t mind swimming laps among the masses, this is a decent alternative.

The pool
Waters here veer towards ‘murky’, so don’t forget your soap and flip-flops for the recommended post-swim shower. Nevertheless, despite the crowds, the six 50-metre lanes allow enough space to stretch your limbs, plus a separate pool for kids means that you shouldn’t be battling two generations for space.

Dongdan Swimming Pool


Though slightly more expensive, this is the largest ‘natatorium’ (as they call it) in our selection, and has great facilities. It certainly proved clean and well managed: eagle-eyed employees watch your every move – albeit even in the changing rooms – to make sure that hygiene rules are upheld. A snack bar can even be found next to the pool, ever ready to reward your efforts. And while its opening hours do exclude early swimmers, you can at least beat the crowds with a late night dip.

The pool
Ten 50m lanes guarantee more than enough space for either a slow breaststroke or a vigorous crawl. It can be noisy, however, and sometimes a little crowded (despite its size), but this pool has some of the cleanest waters of the bunch, which justifies the higher entrance fee. Judge your times right and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Ditan Swimming Pool

Conveniently located northwest of Ditan Park, this ‘inner swimming pool’ is particularly popular during lunchtimes (when best avoided). Friendly, modern and clean, the locker rooms are disappointingly tiny, although the shower rooms are separated, so you can ‘for once’ wash yourself in peace. Plus, with its 8.30am opening time, it does at least offer the option of a super-quick pre-work dip. A rarity in this city.

The pool
Another 50m wonder, but do not expect to have its six lanes to yourself. The waters may be clear and inviting, but for those in search of an escape from Beijing’s busy swell, this is not the place to go. Try to avoid the midday rush, however, and you’ll fare a lot better.

Located in the south of Chaoyang Park, this is as extravagant as the capital's public pools get. Don't expect a gold lining, of course, but the sports complex also houses tennis courts and is streamlined for an expert swimming experience. One-off entry comes at a hefty premium, but commit to a member's card for 600RMB and you can get 10 sessions per year, or 2,800RMB for 90 sessions over three years.

The pool
At 50-metres long, the pool features ten lanes – eight 'speed lanes' for serious swimmers and two shallow-water lanes – as well as a separate children's play pool. The water is clean by city standards and shouldn't disappoint. Lanes can become busy during peak hours, but there's ample opportunity to pick and choose when you swim given their all-day hours.

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