Healthy living in 2017 is all about these trends

This year's big health trends, according to the experts at TruLiving

We caught up with Georgina O’Loughlin and Katy Koyich-Pourrat, the duo behind Beijing’s new wellness authority TruLiving to find out what’s going to trend in health in Beijing for the Year of the Rooster. Take it away, girls!

Clean eating


Clean eating will be huge as people all over China realise how amazing they look and feel when they ditch packaged, processed, sugary and fast foods and return to a clean and simple plant-based diet, enriched with lean proteins and healthy fats. This new awareness is also reflected in the increased popularity of organic produce, locally grown vegetables, and initiatives like the Farm to Neighbors farmers’ market, as well as the growing number of healthy food concepts like Tribe, Glo Kitchen, Obentos and Soul Bowls.

Strong, not skinny


Women are waking up to the fact that being weak and waif thin is no longer beautiful. Instead they want strong, toned and capable bodies that reflect their power, radiance and vitality. This new perspective has radically changed women’s fitness goals and how they train, with increasing numbers of women aiming for a lean physique created by light weights and resistance training, instead of a stick thin frame as a result of punishing diets and hardcore cardio.

Online workouts

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As more and more people incorporate regular exercise into their daily routines, we’ll see an increase in the popularity of online workouts in the form of videos, GIFs and guides that fit easily into our busy schedules, and can be done from your living room, hotel room, or outdoors at your local park.

Barre classe


Barre class is all the rage from Sydney to LA, and it’s now about to take off in China. Incorporating aspects of ballet, Pilates and Yoga, Barre utilises small movements and repetition to build long, lean and elegant muscles, get your blood flowing and encourage graceful posture. If you’re interested, go and check out a class at Sanlitun’s SpaceCycle.

Meditation and mindfulness

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As more of us suffer burn out from the pressures of fast-paced city living, we expect to see increasing numbers of people turning to mindfulness practices and meditation as a way to create a little peace and balance in their lives. Online services like ZouXin, and initiatives like the Beijing Mindfulness Centre are worth checking out if this interests you.

Health festivals

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Once upon a time, weekends were reserved mainly for dinners, drinking and late nights, but for some, that is no more. We expect to see more Beijingers swapping late nights for early mornings, workout parties and wellness events that kickstart your weekend and leave you feeling happy, energised and connected to your community. Keep an eye out for the amazing free events put on by LuluLemon, GuavaPass and Beijing Health Week.

Introducing TruLiving


Who is TruLiving?
Georgina and Katy. ‘Soul sisters and business partners’. Former corporates turned health gurus who want to help you get the most out of yourself.

Nice to meet you. What’s a TruLiving?
China’s newest online lifestyle destination dedicated to healthy, conscious living.

Cool. What?
On-line life-style des-tin-a-tion. Think of it as an online wellness resource-cum-e-boutique that helps you become the healthiest possible you by way of WeChat posts and healthy products. TruLiving will also host community events and workshops for the good of the people.

But, I’m already the healthiest of all
And no one doubts that, but do you have one free class at SpaceCycle? Have you a free yoga class with Summit Yoga? TruLiving has cosied up with some big players in Beijing’s healthy circle, and the list of benefits goes on if you get on board early.

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