Bright and bold summer make-up looks

These high saturation numbers are straight off the runway

Tequila sunr-eyes


As seen at Jeremy Scott, Topshop Unique, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Wear with Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir (from 600RMB) and athousand-yard stare to intimidate the creeps at the bar.

This is a painterly, adaptable look that can easily be dialled up or down depending on the time of day. You don’t need mad make-up skills to achieve a really striking effect, and the blended warm-tone shades hint at ’90s counterculture without looking too costume-like.

1 Because this look features an ornate eye area, we’d stick to a durable, matte finish for skin. Use a suitable foundation and concealer and dust the whole face with setting powder – we like Sephora Beauty Amplifier (from 39RMB).

2 We’re not fans of the heavy Kardashian Kontour, but a taupe-undertoned powder like Make Up For Ever’s Face Contour Kit (410RMB) gives a natural-looking shadow. Use an angled brush to add shade under the cheekbones, around the jawline and along the top and sides of the forehead.

3 Blend out your contour with the most realistic-looking bronzer you can find: Benefit Hoola (158RMB) is slightly grey-toned for a hit of colour that’s not too much. If you’re scared of bronzer swap it for a peachy blush.

4 To finish the skin, highlight with a shade that flatters your skin tone. We used Maybelline Master Strobing Stick in Medium Glow (99RMB) to add a champagne- hued shimmer to the high points of the face.

5 Prep the eye area with primer and by filling in brows with whatever gives you a defined, full arch as a counterpoint to the whimsy of the eyeshadow you’re about to slap on. Then, cover the entire lid with a flesh-toned powder shadow to help the coloured shades ‘pop’.

6 It’s time to channel your inner Monet by selecting two or three paint-pot shades of eyeshadow – we’d go for a shimmer for the inner two-thirds of the lid, a darker matte shade to add depth in the outer-third and possibly a matte shade somewhere in-between for the crease. Whack ’em on, and don’t be scared to experiment – we picked red, lemon and the most obnoxious orange we could find to emphasise the blue-green eyes of our model. Don’t forget to blend shadow underneath the eye for an oval, wide-eyed finish.

7 Define the outer two-thirds of the upper eyelid with brown- black eyeliner and finish with a few generous coats of mascara.

8 Define the lips using a flesh-toned lipstick and a matching lip liner to bring balance to the finished look; we wouldn’t overdraw the mouth to create a false lip-line, as it can look jarring and make tipsy touch-ups a nightmare. We’d choose something along the lines of MAC Lip Pencil in the shade Boldly Bare (160RMB) and Too Cool For School Glam Rock Smoky Nudy Lipcolor in the shade Chiffon Beige (129RMB).

Blush draping


As seen at Kenzo, Adam Selman, Chanel, Fenty x Puma.

Wear with Balenciaga B Eau de Parfum (from 640RMB), in the knowledge that you’re very much on trend.

Half ’80s-nightclub, half Peking opera, this dynamic technique sculpts the face by placing vibrant colour, in varying textures and intensities, to the focal points of the face. It was the stealth hit of this season’s fashion weeks, and can easily be adapted for wallflowers by dialling back the shade of pink used or by choosing to place colour only on cheeks or temples. It’s also a great look for those with monolids, as there’s no eyeshadow placement in the crease of the eye.

1 For a dewy, natural finish on skin, use a damp sponge to blend a medium-coverage foundation across the face, with a satin-finish concealer under the eyes and on problem areas. Setting powder should be applied sparingly and only used to mattify the T-zone (nose and forehead).

2 Brows should be kept defined, but natural – we love Benefit Gimme Brow gel (230RMB) for its taming prowess.

3 Before you get crazy with blush, swipe a little illuminator along the nose, brow bone and temples to add dimension to the face, and then blend well with a fan-shaped brush. We’d use a powder product so it doesn’t interfere with the finish of your blush.

4 After applying eyeshadow primer, sweep a skincoloured shadow across the whole of the eyelid. This would also be the perfect time to add a teeny triangle-shaped dab of shimmer shadow to the tear duct and blend; Tony Moly make a range of single colours (52RMB) that would work on a wide range of skin tones.

5 Now for the fun part! Using an angled blush brush, pop the most obnoxious shade of pink you can find across the cheeks and towards the temples and then blend upwards. We’d recommend building your blush up in layers so you don’t go overboard on the first hit and look like you’re having a hot flush. For a perky pink bright enough to stand up to the hide-no-sins effect of summer sunshine, we’d recommend Shade 10 Innisfree Mineral Blusher (75RMB).

6 Emphasise the eyes using the simplest of thin black lines, on the lop lid only, and a few coats of a defining and volumising mascara – we’re big fans of Clinique Chubby Lash (160RMB).

7 Finally, achieve the power-pout of your daydreams with a pigmented fuchsia lipstick – we’re dying for MAC Diva-ish (170RMB) – then sit back and wait for the compliments fly in.

These make-up looks were created by the supremely talented Laetitia Shynes at Catherine de France; visit for details. Our wonderful models are Audrey Hammonds and Juno Yuan who run the personal styling business AuJu; follow them on WeChat to take advantage of their services (AuJuChina).

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