Things you only know if you're: the world's second strongest man

Martins Licis doesn't just lift, bro

Photo: Martins Licis
Just doing nothing and thinking is also a form of training
I like to meditate and visualise before a competition. This sort of projection lights up the same neural path ways that came alive during actual motion and and helps to hone the motions being visualised.

I don’t just lift, bro
During the off season, I also incorporate calisthenics into my training. Calisthenics helps to improve kinesthetics awareness (or the perception of how the body moves) and helps to develop fast twitch muscle fibres without placing the body under too much stress.

Training when injured can help with the injury
Whenever I have an injury, I will use a motion that isolates the injured joint or muscle, and perform 100-200 repetitions with that motion daily. It’s important that the weight or intensity of the motion is very light so as not to aggravate the injury further. The intention is purely to help flush more blood to the area which helps with its healing.

It’s all in the (Atlas) Stones
In strongman, honing your skill in lifting Atlas Stones takes precedence over any other motion. Almost every contest ends with the Atlas Stones, and whoever is the better stone lifter will usually take home the win. Also, the strength gained from lifting Atlas Stones easily transfers to other motions such as log cleans, squats, deadlifts, front carries and much more.

I wanted to be a nerd
As a kid I wanted to be a scientist. My dream was to further space exploration. I wanted to either be a computer programmer or an astrophysicist. Well, I am still reaching for the stars today.

Martins Licis will be in Beijing on July 26-27 for a meet and greet session with fans and conduct a seminar on strongman techniques. Click here for details.
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