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As a British person of nearly 27 years of age, it's estimated that I've eaten around 6,237 sandwiches so far on this journey called Life. A fair chunk of those have been consumed in recent weeks, as Leanne Wong and I sacrificed ourselves to the science of finding Beijing's most wicked 'wiches – keep an eye out for our roundup of the best in the coming days. Other tasty fillings in this issue include Helena Poole's delve into the architecture of Beijing art spaces, Michael Marshall's chats with Beijing MCs on the changes in the city's underground hip-hop scene, and Helen Roxburgh's interview with leading feminist commentator Leta Hong Fincher, who releases her latest book this September. We're also taking a look back at Time Out's half a century in the game, as the magazine turns 50 – celebrate good times! Celebrate good sandwiches, too.

Patrick Moore, Managing Editor

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