8 ways to adopt, foster or help rescue animals in Beijing

Help out a fluffy thing in need

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Do you squee in awe of anything on four (or less) legs as you walk down the street? Maybe you've been considering finding yourself a forever flatmate for a while. Or maybe you wish you could have a forever flatmate, but know that you're leaving Beijing and don't have the resources to bring a furry friend home with you.

Whatever your reasons for loving the little critters we let into our hearts, there are literally thousands of animals around Beijing in need of love, attention, homes and help. With a wealth of resources – from shelters to adoption days to services advertising rescued animals – available in Beijing, it's easier than ever to help the fluff balls out.

Of course, while there's no denying that bringing an animal into your home can be a lot of work and comes with a lot of questions (especially if you're not staying in Beijing for life), if you have the space, time and are willing to commit longterm, you can expect unconditional love in return. And if you're not sure about the space or time, you can always help out through fostering, donating or raising awareness.

Here are just a few places in Beijing that are making it their mission to help out animals in our big city.
The Lost Puppies of Beijing

The Lost Puppies of Beijing

What do they do? The Lost Puppies network helps to rescue, foster and rehome dogs in Beijing. Primarily a WeChat-based group, the lost puppy saviours work through a network of rescuers to respond to emergency finds. Once dogs are picked up by a volunteer, they are taken to be checked up by a vet before being placed in foster care. The Lost Puppies help find the dogs treatment (if needed), temporary homes and then forever homes. By hosting fundraisers and WeChat campaigns, they raise money to pay for vet bills, and if no foster carer is available, the bills for boarding at a shelter. 
How can you help? You can help the organisation by volunteering your time through coordinating activities, fostering a dog (or dogs), adopting an animal or donating money for vet bills or shelter needs. 

Get in touch Follow The Lost Puppies on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the rescued dogs and see them go to their forever homes, or check out their website for more information and links on how to donate.

Image: The Lost Puppies of Beijing



What do they do? The International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) provides vet services for all kinds of animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hamsters. With both international and Chinese staff, their bilingual service and clinicians make ICVS a go-to resource in the pet world of Beijing. Beyond providing boarding, medical care and treatment for animals (including certified rabies vaccinations), ICVS also helps animals find new homes through their adoption ads.  
How can you help? If you find an animal in need, ICVS will help to care for and rehome the animal. You can visit their website and follow their official WeChat account to see animals available for adoption as well as help support them through donations. 

Get in touch Visit the ICVS website for full information on their adoption and pet-care services. Find them on WeChat (ID: ICVSCHINA), Facebook and Twitter.

Image: ICVS

Little Adoption Shop

Little Adoption Shop

What do they do? The Little Adoption Shop is one of Beijing's oldest and largest dog rescue organisations. They focus on difficult urban rescues and animals with serious injuries or illnesses. They have established urban adoptions centres across the city and currently shelter 700 animals.

How can you help? If you are looking for an animal to bring into your home, the Little Adoption Shop has a long-standing record of finding the right homes for the right animals. Contact them for more information if you are looking to adopt, or check out their GoFundMe campaign to help financially. 

Get in touch Visit their Facebook page for the most up-to-date information, as well as their website and Twitter.

Image: Little Adoption Shop

Towards a Compassionate Nation (TACN)

Towards a Compassionate Nation (TACN)

What do they do? TACN is a charity that aims to improve animal welfare and promote healthy and cruelty-free lifestyles around the world. They provide care, protection and treatment to animals in need, while also promoting education about animal welfare, prevention of suffering and cruelty, and the benefits of a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. In Beijing, they host regular events to raise awareness, as well as help to rescue, foster and rehome animals. 
How can you help? You can get involved with the TACN network by attending events such as vegan dinner parties, animal shelter volunteering, workshops, talks and more. As always, you can also adopt animals through them and help the animals in need through sponsorship or donations. 

Get in touch Visit their website for more information on adoptable animals, upcoming events and more. You can also contact them through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Image: TACN

A Voice for Animals

A Voice for Animals

What do they do? A Voice for Animals (AVFA) is a non-profit animal rescue and education organisation that aims to prevent situations in which an animal could be abandoned or harmed. They provide education and training to teach responsible pet ownership and dog safety, as well as support stray rescues, shelters, wildlife protection and animal rehoming. AVFA also hosts community outreach programmes with schools around Beijing where students can help the animals by making dog beds, treat holders and toys. 
How can you help? If you're looking to adopt an animal (not just dogs, here!), or have found a stray animal in need of a home, contact AVFA for more information. You can also contact them to arrange events in your community to help give animals around Beijing a voice, as well as donate to all of their efforts. 

Get in touch Contact A Voice for Animals via WeChat (ID: AVoiceforAnimals1026).

Image: A Voice for Animals

Beijing Cat

Beijing Cat

What do they do? Beijing Cat is a group of cat lovers that help injured cats and strays on the streets of Beijing find new homes. Through fundraising, they also help to neuter cats and provide food for street cats. 
How can you help? Adopt a cat through Beijing Cat and help keep another snuggle buddy off the streets. You can also help (greatly) by donating funds for food and vet bills. 

Get in touch Vist their website or contact the organiser through WeChat (ID: inthemood4cat).

Image: Beijing Cat

No Dogs Left Behind

No Dogs Left Behind

What do they do? No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) is an American organisation that works on the ground in Beijing to help rescue dogs from slaughterhouses and dog meat trucks. Once the dogs are safe and healthy, they house the rescues at their shelter in Beijing while they work to find homes for the dogs in the US. They also work with students to teach ethical animal welfare practices.
How can you help? For those of you currently living in Beijing, you can help NDLB by fostering, adopting or sponsoring a dog, as well as donate to their fundraising campaigns. 

Get in touch Visit their website for more information on the rescues and how to get involved. You can also find updates on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Image: No Dogs Left Behind

Bru's Bows

Bru's Bows

What do they do? Bru's Bows is a company set up to help support animals in need by raising money through the sale of uber-cute bow ties for dogs (and humans!). 
How can you help? Buy a bow tie and the proceeds go to help The Lost Puppies of Beijing with their pups' vet bills and getting the cuties furever homes. 

Get in touch Visit their snazzy new website to buy a bow tie or check out happy pups on Instagram.

Image: Bru's Bows

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