The rainy day essentials you’ll want to have

We’ve got you covered

Photo: Jianbing blanket, UnTour Food Tours
It is not raining men, but it sure is, well, raining. Beijing has seen it’s fair share of summer showers recently, with everything from the occasional short drizzles to heavy downpours. But never let the weather (or anything for that matter), stop you from having fun. So whether you're running around in the rain, or having a warm night in, here are the rainy day essentials to get you through the stormy weather.

Shoe covers

"F Warrior shoe covers"
Photo: TMall

We know, shoe covers, the ultimate turn off to any outfit. But Warrior, a popular Chinese sneaker brand, has introduced their own version of shoe covers. Just slip these rubber covers over your sneakers, and you’re good to go. They’re made to be incredibly resistant, and with a range of colours from neon yellow to muted grey, they do just look like regular shoes from a distance. It’s worth a shot if you don’t want to risk your shoes getting muddied up in the rain.
21.80RMB from TMall

Automated umbrellas

"F Automatedumbrellas"
Photo: TMall

We’re obsessed with automated objects. This automatic umbrella that opens and closes with a click of a button is everything you need for your rainy day errand. If it’s one thing less to do, we say take it. They're also made of hyper-resistant material and are 1 metre wide, so you're guaranteed dry-free sessions.
68RMB from TMall

Waterproof visors

"F Waterproof visor"
Photo: TMall

For when you encounter, as Forrest Gump describes, 'rain that flew in sideways,' you’ve got these waterproof visors you can don for the ultimate rainy day cover. These visors offer full facial protection, not just from the rain, but also from hot oil (as advertised). Pair these with a raincoat and you’ve got the ultimate rainy day outfit.
19.90RMB from TMall

Bike Raincoat

"F Raincoat"
Photo: TMall

Nobody likes getting soaked when commuting from one place to another, that’s for sure. These convenient raincoats are designed especially for riding on two-wheeled vehicles, comfortably covering two people. It even has a separate head opening to keep both you and your buddy sheltered from the rain.
29.99RMB for a single person version, 54.99RMB for the pair version, from TMall

Curate your own home film festival

F SONY projector
Photo: TMall

You can’t go out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time at home. Use your rainy days catching up on all the missed episodes of Game of Thrones, or all 22 Marvel movies, sounds like a solid good time doesn’t it. Just imagine having the ultimate cinema experience without ever leaving your couch.
3,599RMB from TMall


"F Jianbing blanket 2"

Rainy season, just call it cuddle season, right? These cool looking jianbing designed blankets are the perfect cover up for a cosy snuggle sesh. They’re warm and made of microfibre material. At 200RMB, envelope yourself in the never-ending warmth of this Chinese street food legend.
About 200RMB from UnTour Food Tours

Self-stirring mugs

"F Self-stirring mugs"
Photo: TMall

Self-stirring mugs, or shall we call them the invention of the century? There’s nothing we crave more than a cup of hot beverage when it’s cold and rainy outside. Never have to stir your coffee again with these automated stirring mugs that will, well, do the stirring for you. These handy devices spin when you throw them into the mug. Waiting’s probably the toughest thing you’ve got to do to get a hot cup of tea to sip on.
168RMB from TMall
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