The best gigs in Beijing this September

Featuring Jessie J, Kesha, Mild High Club and so much more

Beijing's music scene frequently attracts some of the best names in music, both locally and from abroad, and September is no different. Don't miss the chance to rock out with a bunch of brilliant artists, right in your own backyard.

Events disappear from this page as they pass, so if you're looking at a sparse page you missed the boat [sad face]. But come back next month for another glut of gigs to keep you entertained.


Critics' pick

Noisemaker, an alternative nu-metal band from Sapporo, have been mixing rock, metal and hip hop from their inception. Their first success was reached with the release of their first full album The 6 matters of the 6 in 2009, and now they head to Beijing to perform at Mao Livehouse.

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MAO Livehouse Wukesong , 69 Fuxing Lu 28 Sep Buy tickets