Lost Frequencies: 'I would love to have worked with Bob Marley'

We talk to the immensely popular Belgian producer ahead of his China tour

Despite Lost Frequencies' real name being more than worthy as a DJ moniker, Felix De Laet chose his stage name in homage to the once-loved but nearly forgotten tracks of his past that, after remixing, helped launched his career. The 24-year-old Belgian producer skyrocketed to fame with his chart-topping remix of Easton Corbin’s track ‘Are You With Me’ in 2014, and since then has racked up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, with addicting original tracks and collaborations with big names including James Blunt and Janieck Devy.

His pleasantly melodic music has allowed Lost Frequencies to conquer mammoth festival Tomorrowland and he is currently establishing his own label, Found Frequencies, in partnership with Armada Music. We spoke to him ahead of his return to China for a four-city tour about his expectations, tattoos and dream collaborations.


You succeeded at such a young age, so it's hard to imagine you had time to doubt yourself. But were you always sure that music would be your future?
Honestly, no! I never thought this would become my full-time career. Growing from teaching myself to use the equipment I had on YouTube and just experimenting to being where I am today is just crazy, but it shows that anyone can achieve what they want to when they work hard! Having a hobby that I love as my job? Now, that’s something I’m super proud and appreciative of.

I consider your tracks quite lovely and pretty romantic. Would you consider yourself a romantic guy?
[Laughs] Thank you, I guess! I would consider myself a romantic guy! But I don’t necessarily think the music you make reflects you overall as a person. I listen to all kinds of different music – hip-hop, trap, house, big-room, pop, electronica – and it all together makes me who I am.

Do you always start in English or do you ever develop lyrics from a translation? Coming from a multilingual country, do you have a desire to compose in one of the languages you grew up with, or find it easier to write in any one particular language?
It really depends – I think releasing my songs in English makes my music more universal, without alienating those that may not speak French or Dutch, for example. But of course, some thoughts and lyrics or melody ideas I will see in my head as my own language [laughs]!


Following your success, you've played some massive stages, but is there a part of you that misses playing more intimate shows?
I still get to play intimate shows. Although, you are right – even my own headline shows aren’t in small clubs anymore, but I see that as a good thing! It gives me the chance to expand on my show and be able to share that with more and more fans all over the world. I always aim to make every single Lost Frequencies show feel as special as possible, no matter what the size.

It seems like you have a solid fan base here. What has been your most interesting experience in China? Do you have any expectations for your return?
I do – China and the whole of the region have always been so welcoming to me even since my first shows here! A lot of crazy things have happened on tour [laughs]. Where do I begin? I think the last time I was in Beijing, I had so much fun just hanging out with friends, singing karaoke and eating a lot of great hot pot – a recipe for a great night I think!

I stalked your Instagram a bit and it looks like you have just one tattoo, but I couldn't see it clearly. What is it and what’s the story behind it? Any plans to get any more?
Ah! That’s Felix The Cat! It’s a cartoon that I loved growing up and we also share the same name! I might get more, but only if I think of something I really like.


What would be your dream collaboration, dead or alive? Do you have any new collaborations in the pipeline?
I would have loved to work with Bob Marley, in any capacity. Just imagine! I love his music, it means so much to me. I would also love to work with guys like Flume and Throttle right now. To jump in the studio with either of those would be so exciting!

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  • 4 out of 5 stars

Seveyna Garrix

Tue 02 Jul
I do respect lost frequencies and his life as a producer and a DJ. I am so happy for him and i am a huge fan.