5 moving companies for domestic and international moves

Make life easier with these movers and (hopefully not) shakers

Even if you’re ecstatic to be escaping the dingiest, most cockroach-infested living quarters in the city, the hunt for new digs is still a huge headache. Agents blowing up your phone and crotchety landlords overvaluing their property are enough to deal with without having to worry about the movers smashing your TV. Whether you’re shipping your earthly possessions around the Earth, between cities or just down the block, these companies will help get your stuff from A to B in one piece.

Best for international

Sante Fe

About Founded in 1980, Sante Fe is an internationally-accredited relocation services provider that started in Hong Kong. They have offices in 56 countries, as well as branches in 16 major Chinese cities. Strangely enough, they don’t have a location in their namesake city of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Offers China visa and immigration services; individual and corporate relocation services; real estate services; records management.

Santa Fe Relocation Services Call 6947 0688 for a free quote. Alternatively, email Santa Fe at beijing@santaferelo.com.


About Also Hong Kong born and bred, Crown Relocations makes moving anything but a royal pain in the arse. At it since 1965, Crown Relocations have had plenty of time to build up a worldwide presence, with offices in 55 countries and ten major Chinese cities.

Offers China visa and immigration services; individual and corporate relocation services in China; secure storage; Beijing real estate services; records management.

Crown Relocations Call 5801 8088 for a free quote. Email Crown at beijing@crownrelo.com.

Best for within China

DMS Movers

About Established right here in Beijing back in 1996, DMS Movers are an American Moving and Storage Association-certified relocation services provider. You pack your belongings before the movers arrive, but boxes with valuable or delicate items should be left open so that the operator may inspect them. Special liability and insurance is available for such items, as they’re moved with extra care; DMS has experience working with valuable Chinese antiques.

Offers Special crating for antiques and arts; export packing and documentation; shipment insurance and tracking; furniture reassembly; customs clearance.

DMS Movers Call 8581 7197 or visit www.dmsmovers.com to get an online quote.

SF Express

About A Shenzhen-based company, SF Express has a strong presence in China and really knows the lay of the Mainland. Their English-language website may be a pain to navigate, but once you get down to it, delivery

is a piece of cake: box up your goods, make an appointment, have the delivery man weigh everything and

pay on the spot. Shipping between cities takes a of couple days.

Offers Door-to-door service; shipping tracker; proof of delivery.

SF Express Call 4008 111 111 or visit www.sf-express.com to prepare your shipment online.

Mr Jiang

About Mr Jiang has reduced relocation to its very essence: a man and a van. When he’s not tearing phone books in half, this stout strongman can accommodate the contents of a one bedroom apartment. He’ll even move pets! Offers Muscles and a motor; relocation within Beijing.

Mr Jiang Call 136 9334 6702 (Mandarin only).