Beijing's best lunch deals

The city’s best lunch deals for every budget, location and time frame




Chef Nello Turco prepares some of the city’s most boundary-pushing contemporary cuisine at The Four Seasons’ bejewelled, Italianinspired restaurant.

Three-course set lunch 158RMB; four courses 188RMB (both plus 15 percent). 11.30am-3pm weekdays.

"impress" "value""value""value" "time" 1.5hrs wine 50RMB

Brasserie FLO

Brassiere Flo

The palatial French brassiere is an art-deco blast from the past with classic dishes and European service standards to match.

Three-course set lunch from 148RMB (plus 10 percent).

"impress" "value""value""value" "time" 1.25hrs


Latina Grill

Enjoy unlimited cuts of roast meats, sausages, seafood and a huge buffet of salads and sweets at this Brazilian steak house.

Unlimited barbecue and buffet 128RMB. 11am-3pm weekdays.

"colleagues" "value""value" "time" 1hr

Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub

Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub

The newest branch of the Great Leap Brewing empire serves New York-style pizzas, sandwiches and wings. Oh – and beer, of course.

Two slices of pizza or a sandwich around 50RMB, both include one select beer or a soft drink. 11am-2pm daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "value" "time" 30mins



This French-Japanese bakery in Central Park makes some serious pre-made sandwiches and salads ready for takeaway. Don’t forget to try the chewy baguette and buttery croissants. A little-known gem.

Pre-made gourmet sandwiches from 28RMB. 7am-10pm daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "value" "time" 30mins

Hatsune (隐泉日本料理)


The California sushi experts at Hatsune turn out crowd-pleasing thick-cut rolls stuffed with soft shell crab and spicy tuna. Check out the Sanlitun or CBD locations.

Bento box lunch sets from 78RMB. 11.30am-2.30pm daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "value""value""value" "time" 45mins

Yipin Xiaolong

A no frills chain that server Shanghai soup dumplings and scallion oil noodles with flavour well beyond their meagre price point. Expect a crowd at lunch.

Three xiaolongbao and scallion oil noodles for 26RMB.

"colleagues" "alone" "time" 30mins


Opera Bombana

Opera Bombana

Celebrity chef Umberto Bombana’s Beijing restaurant, under the direction of chef de cuisine Marino D’Antonio, Opera serves some of the city’s best Italian classics and desserts.

Two courses a la carte 250RMB (plus 10 percent). Midday-2.30pm weekdays.

"impress" "value""value" "time" 1.5hrs



A reliable standard for Japanese curries and fried culets – not to mention the unlimited salad and pickles – Saboten satisfies on a budget every time.

Fried cutlet set from 88RMB, includes unlimited soup, salad and pickles. 11.30am-4pm daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "value" "time" 45mins

Rosewood Beijing _ Bistrot B

Bistrot B

Rosewood Beijing’s international bistro, helmed by Jerod Verbiak, formerly of Maison Boulud, consistently delights with an impressive array of familiar dishes prepared with an uncommon attention to detail.

Two-course set lunch 150RMB; three courses 170RMB (both plus 15 percent; include coffee). 11.30am-2pm weekdays.

"impress" "value""value""value" "time" 1.25hrs

Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen

Rustic Chinese regional specialities and resurrected delicacies seldom encountered elsewhere at Rosewood Beijing.

Three-course set lunch and a drink 88RMB (plus 15 percent). 11am-2.30pm daily.

"colleagues" "impress" "value""value" "time" 45mins

Café FLO

Café Flo

Duck confit and crunchy tartines from the masters of all things French at this casual Parkview Green café.

Lunch sets from 85RMB. 11.30am-2.30pm weekdays.

"colleagues" "alone" "value""value" "time" 45mins wine 28RMB

Shan Mian Wang (陕面王)

Shanxi Noodle King (陕面王)

They don't call him the king for nothin’. Enjoy enormous bowls of chewy belt noodles and braised pork sandwiches from Xi’an any time of day at this canteens-style noodle shop.

Xi’an-style biangbiang noodles and cold spinach with peanuts 30RMB; 24-hours daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "time" 30mins


Jing Yaa Tang

Jing Yaa Tang

An old Time Out favourite and 2015 Food Awards merit winner, Jing Yaa Tang’s lunch deal keeps us coming back for as much as we dare eat of some of the best dim sum in town.

Unlimited dim sum 128RMB (plus 15 percent). Midday-2.30pm daily.

"colleagues" "impress" "value""value""value" "time" 1hr

LuYu all you can eat dim sum

Lu Yu

The Conrad Beijing’s secluded Chinese eatery serves artful dim sum and sublime rice congee for a clean and balanced lunch of southern delicacies.

Unlimited dim sum 118RMB weekdays; 138RMB weekends (both plus 15 percent). 11.30am-2pm weekdays; 11.30am-2.30pm weekends.

"colleagues" "impress" "value""value" "time" 1hr

Village Café

Village Café

The spacious and minimalist café serves deli staples, grilled items and classic salads in the stylish lobby of the Opposite House hotel.

Two-course set lunch 88RMB; three-course set lunch 108RMB (both plus 15 percent). 11.30am-2.30pm weekdays.

"colleagues" "alone" "value""value" "time" 30mins



Dining at the at the Opposite House’s high-design Mediterranean restaurant is a seductive experience. Expect rustic Italian and Spanish classics from chef Roberto Cimmino.

Four-course set lunch 138RMB (plus 15 percent). Midday-2.30pm weekdays.

"impress" "value""value""value" "time" 1hr wine 40RMB

Migas (米家思)


Time Out Food Award winner for best lunch deal in 2015, the three-course menu rotates weekly and includes grilled bread and an amuse bouche.

Three-course set lunch 95RMB. 11.30am-3pm weekdays.

"colleagues" "impress" "value""value""value" "time" 1hr wine 25RMB



A new set menu ditches the Sanlitun pizzeria’s trademark in place of a selection of handmade pastas, potato gnocchi, beef carpaccio and fresh bruschetta.

Two courses 88RMB. 11am-3pm daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "value""value" "time" 45mins wine 30RMB



Nali Patio mainstay Mosto’s contemporary Mediterranean lunch set draws a crowd – reservations are essential at peak hours.

Two-course set lunch 95RMB. 11.30am-3pm weekdays.

"colleagues" "impress" "value""value" "time" 1hr wine 38RMB


Ling Er Jiu Noodles (零贰玖)

A Time Out favourite for their so called ‘crack noodles’, referring to their addictive chilli oil and pork combination not their ability to keep you up all night, although LEJ is open well into the small hours of the morning.

Braised pork beaten noodles for 25RMB, add roujiamo for 8RMB; 10am-4am daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "time" 30mins

Tiger Mama

Tiger Mama
A taste of Macao at this bar-street noodle shop. No frills staple noodles and snacks that are easy on the wallet but big on flavour.

Signature brisket noodles in soup 28RMB, add shaomai for 12RMB; 11am-2am daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "time" 30mins

Andy's Craft Sausages
Andy’s Craft Sausages

Beijing’s original sausage guy, Andy, sell his handmade specialty sausage and bacon from his storefront across from Yashow market.

Sausage/bacon, egg and cheese bagel for 39RMB. 8.30am-7pm daily.

"time" 30mins


Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB)

Temple Restaurant Beijing

Beijing’s grand dame of white-gloved fine dining. An outstanding business lunch set inside a 600-year-old temple? Yes please.

Three-course set lunch 138RMB (plus 15 percent). 11.30-2.30pm weekdays.

"impress" "value""value""value" "time" 1.5hrs

Koharu Biyori (小春日和)

Koharu Biyori

Thick bone-broth ramen with juicy medallions of roast pork and chewy ramen noodles at this Guijie noodle shop. For an added pick-me-up try the grilled smelt fish or whole salmon head.

Tongkotsu ramen 32RMB. 11am-2pm daily.

"colleagues" "alone" "time" 30mins



The epically proportioned Nuo Hotel’s international buffet boasts the city’s most impressive daily spread, with sushi, fresh seafood and grilled meats all making appearances in prodigious quantities.

Buffet 268RMB (plus 15 percent). 11.30am-2pm weekdays.

"impress" "value""value" "time" 1hr


When it comes to sushi, Yotsuba is tough to beat. The comprehensive lunch set is the best way to sample this authentic Japanese treat on a budget.

Sets from 150RMB (includes salad, appetiser, soup, savoury custard and dessert). Midday-2pm daily.

"impress" "alone" "value""value""value" "time" 45mins

Feast (Food by East)


The international eatery at East Beijing hotel is a favourite for the fabulous weekend brunch, but the weekday lunch is just as worthy, not to mention better value.

Two-course semi-buffet (includes a la carte items) 138RMB (plus 15 percent). 11.30am-3pm weekdays.

"impress" "value""value" "time" 1hr


Don't see your favourite lunch deal above? Why not share it with all your internet friends in the comments below? Happy eating and remember, lunch is the new dinner. Bon appetite!