The best food markets in Beijing

A guide to some of the best and most popular food markets Beijing has to offer

Food markets in Beijing represent a crucial part of day-to-day life and culture. However, recent years have seen the implementation of drastic measures to gentrify the city's centre, resulting in the closure of numerous wet markets. We've rounded up the best markets still standing in Beijing – make sure you check them out while you still can.

Sanyuanli Vegetable Market (三源里菜市场)

The citywide standard for international produce, fresh produce and dry goods, Sanyuanli Market is located within close proximity to embassies, hotels and restaurant hotspots. Given its prime location, it's the perfect one-stop shop to stock up on a varied selection of produce. With over 130 ...

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Shunyuan Jie (Chaoyang, --select--)

Shengfu Xiaoguan Market (盛福小关市场)

Located near Sanyuanli Market, Shengfu Xiaoguan Market is the quintessential Beijing market with its lively (read: rowdy) atmosphere, affordable produce and stamp of approval from locals. A fixture in the capital for over 20 years, a shifu we speak to also mentions that it's one of the ...

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Xiangheyuan Lu (Chaoyang, --select--)

Baisijia Vegetable Market (百思佳菜市场)

Situated in the heart of Wangjing, this small and compact food market has all the seasonal fruit and vegetables you might need plus a bonus selection of Korean specialties like kimchi, spicy condiments and an array of instant noodle packs.

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Futong Xi Dajie (Wangjing, --select--)

Chaowai Morning Market (朝外地区便民早市)

The only morning market in downtown Chaoyang, Chaowai Morning Market is just a stone’s throw from expat haven Sanlitun but receives very little attention from foreign residents of the area. The market features all manner of common Chinese produce, frozen fish, local meat, fruit and nuts as ...

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Gongren Tiyuchang Nan Lu (Chaoyang, --select--)

Yanfeng Market (燕丰商场)

This three-storey market closely resembles an upscale department store like BHG, carrying a wide selection of products ranging from fresh food, to electronics, medicine and clothing. It stocks a wide range of ready-made foods such as dumplings, Chinese desserts and skewers, ensuring that it ...

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Liufang Bei Jie (Chaoyang, --select--)
Hot stock(ist) tips

Hot stock(ist) tips

Leave bargaining for the Silk Market
When it comes to foodstuffs, if you aren't buying in bulk don’t expect to talk your vendor down. It’s considered a bit rude, if you can believe that.

Get a second opinion
If you think one vendor is overcharging, check with another vendor or two to see if the first price is far off. Shopping around is more than acceptable, but a bit of tact can go a long way.

Don’t like the look?
If you don’t like the look of those special peppers you had your heart set on, ask if they have better looking (and tasting) ones in the back. Hai you bie de ma? (还有别的吗?). You might even gain face for your discerning eye.

Loyalty has its rewards
It's a simple fact: repeat customers get preferential treatment. If you buy from the same vendor at least once a week you’ll see real benefits. Expect recommendations, reserved choice cuts and discounts – not to mention the convenience of having a grocer who knows what you like and buy most often.

Always carry a bit of cash
Not all vendors are necessarily down with WeChat Pay (shocking, we know), so make sure you carry a little bit of cash just in case.

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