Food Awards 2018: the winners

The best Beijing restaurants of 2018

Eating in Beijing is a serious business, so we care about getting it right. Over the past couple of months, the Time Out team have had the arduous task of sniffing down the best dining establishments in Beijing, with the help of our expert judges and of course, you, the readers.

We also collaborated with our friends at the Chinese-language edition of Time Out, bringing you even more choices of unmissable places to satisfy your culinary cravings.

Each category has two winners (picked by the English-language and Chinese-language Time Out teams) and three coveted Readers' Choice awards. Read on to discover the best restaurants of 2018.

Chinese Fine Dining

Editors' Choice (English): Beijing Kitchen (北京厨房)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Huai Yang Fu (淮扬府)

beijing kitchen
Beijing Kitchen.

Readers' Choice: Da Dong (北京大董烤鸭店), Yanjintang (宴锦堂), King's Joy (京兆尹)

Chinese Casual Dining

Editors' Choice (English): In and Out (一座一忘)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Zen Restaurant of Qianmen (前门之参餐厅)

Readers' Choice: Underclouds (半山腰), Jing Garden , Shaoshisan (绍拾叁).

Chinese Everyday Eats

Editors' Choice (English): Zhang Mama (张妈妈特色川味馆)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): The Whale Restaurant

Zhang Mama.

Readers' Choice: My Memories of Old Beijing, Bei 27 Hao (北27号), A Bu Noodles (阿巭面道).

Asian Fine Dining

Editors' Choice (English): Yotsuba (四叶)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Hyoki (瓢嘻日本料理)


Readers' Choice: Sushi Kokoroya (鮨心屋), Jumbo Seafood (珍宝海鲜), Midorikawa (绿川寿司)

Asian Casual Dining

Editors' Choice (English): Beyond Yakitori (美醉堂)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Syukkou Yippyou (酒肴一瓢)

Beyond Yakitori.

Readers' Choice: Su Thai (苏泰辣椒), Ji Kun Hainan Chicken Rice (鸡坤茶室)

International Fine Dining

Editors' Choice (English): TRB Hutong

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Wolfgang's Steakhouse (沃夫冈牛排馆)

trb hutong
TRB Hutong.

Readers' Choice: Opera Bombana, Combal by Tiago, Oyster Talks

International Casual Dining

Editors' Choice (English): Migas Mercado (米家思)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): The Orchard (果园)

Migas Mercado.

Readers' Choice: Casa Italia by Tiago, Agua, Ping'andao

International Everyday Eats

Editors' Choice (English): Taco Bar

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Tribe Organic (有机餐厅)

Taco Bar.

Readers' Choice: Home Plate BBQ (本垒美式烤肉), Palms LA Kitchen & Bar (洛杉矶厨房酒吧), So Lounge (索兰至餐厅)

Café of The Year

Editors' Choice (English): Soloist

Editors' Choice (Chinese): SKP Rendez-vous


Readers' Choice: Enjoy Your Coffee (悦咖啡), Maeda Coffee (前田咖啡), Bracket

Lunch Deal of the Year

Editors' Choice (English): Bottega (意库)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Tavola


Readers' Choice: Mosto (南美牛扒屋), Maison Flo (福楼法餐厅), 29 Grill (廿九阁)

Brunch of the Year

Editors' Choice (English): Toast at The Orchid

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Algorithm (风格算法)

Toast at The Orchid.

Readers' Choice: Q Mex Taqueria (库迈墨西哥餐吧), The Rug, F Bistronome

Hotel Brunch of the Year

Editors' Choice (English): Bistrot B (怡庭西餐厅)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): N'Joy

Bistrot B.

Readers' Choice: Feast (Food by East), Waterside (水天阁西餐厅), The Garden Court

Chinese Hotel Dining

Editors' Choice (English): Cai Yi Xuan (北京四季酒店)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Horizon (海天阁中餐厅)

cai yi xuan
Cai Yi Xuan.

Readers' Choice: The Red Chamber (红馆), Grand Elite (黎小沛), Yipin Chinese Restaurant (一品食府)

International Hotel Dining

Editors' Choice (English): Jing, The Peninsula

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Mio, Four Seasons Beijing (北京四季酒店)


Readers' Choice: Char Dining Room & Lounge (恰餐厅及酒廊), Brasserie 1893 (鸢尾宫1893), Sakura Japanese Restaurant (「樱」日餐厅)

New Restaurant of the Year

Editors' Choice (English): Sheng Yong Xing (晟永兴)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Hudson (哈迪森)

sheng yong xing
Sheng Yong Xing.

Readers' Choice: Cravings (饿鱼), Wulixiang (屋里厢), Bapo Kungfu Spice (八婆功夫麻辣馆)

Chef of the Year

Editors' Choice (English): Aniello Turco, Mio, Four Seasons Beijing

Editors' Choice (Chinese): 李冬 (Li Dong), Jing Yaa Tang, The Opposite House


Another year, another win of Chef of the Year for Aniello Turco at Mio. When he can make a feast worthy of a king with just 100RMB, it's no surprise he's one of the most coveted chefs in town.

Readers' Choice: 段誉(Duan Yu) , 柴鑫 (Chai Xin) , 江炳寿 (Jiang Bing Shou)

Restaurant of the Year

Editors' Choice (English): Wolfgang's Steakhouse (沃夫冈牛排馆)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Huai Yang Fu (淮扬府)

Wolfgang Steakhouse.

Restaurant Chain of the Year

Editors' Choice (English): Din Tai Fung (鼎泰丰)

Editors' Choice (Chinese): Izu Yasaimura (伊豆野菜村)

din tai
Din Tai Fung.

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