First look: Zhazha Bistro

Spend your summers indulging in rice wine cocktails and southern Chinese street food

Photo: Zhazha Bistro
We’re such suckers for pretty spaces, and the newly opened Zhazha Bistro hits the mark on this one. Its interior's right up our alley of eclectic, with a mix of brightly coloured furniture and floral wallpapers.

At the heart of it, Zhazha Bistro is a casual dining restaurant fit for all your summer lounging days. Its menu is largely inspired by the street food in Southwest China, specifically from the southern provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou. Take for example their tofu balls (pictured below), deep-fried balls of mashed tofu served with pickled radish and a salty, tangy sauce. Each order of tofu balls gives you four generously portioned and crispy servings of this vegetarian-friendly, deep-fried goodness.

Zhazha 4
Photo: Fried tofu balls/Zhazha Bistro

Everything on the menu is served tapas style, that is, in small and bite-sized form, which makes for the perfect pairing alongside a glass (or two, maybe five) of their specially made, rice wine based cocktails. Word has it that Zhazha Bistro is soon to launch a new cocktail menu next month, and after what went down the first time, we’re definitely down to try more of their boozy beverages.

Zhazha 2
Photo: Cocktails at Zhazha Bistro

The greatest plus point is perhaps Zhazha's ample seating areas, which includes both indoor and outdoor options. Couple that with plenty of large windows and natural lighting, and a playlist of Latin American dance music, it's, in our books, a tropical oasis hidden in the hutongs. We definitely see ourselves hanging out in Zhazha, perhaps more often than not. Its menu of delectable little bites and fruity cocktails have definitely hit the mark for the ultimate chill summer day experience.

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  • 4 out of 5 stars