Three of Beijing's best roujiamo

The best places to pick up a 'Chinese hamburger'

Zhen Ai Zhong Guo
Fancy a snack but no money to burn? Look no further. These are the three best places in Beijing to buy roujiamo. This 'Chinese hamburger' is a little gift from snack-heaven (also known as Shaanxi province): soft doughy bread with tender meat that melts on your tongue.

Qin Tang Fu (秦唐府)

This Shaanxi staple is known for delivering stellar comfort food, and their roujiamo (8RMB) is no exception. The bread is chewy and the pork inside is meltingly tender (and for 2RMB more you can double your portion). The sandwiches here eschew the street-style spicy peppers to focus on the flavour, done as fatty or lean as you like.

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128 Dongsi Bei Dajie

Zhen Ai Zhongguo

Shaanxi street food is served in a high-end style at Zhen Ai Zhong Guo, where traditional snacks are elevated to a distinguished height. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun, as their miniature take on the roujiamo (68RMB for a basket) shows.

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Guanghua Dongli

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