4 great Beijing foodie walking tours

Hit the street to discover Beijing's best food

Discover the very best of four Beijing areas on these walking tours.

Take a stroll around Beijing's historic Dashilar neighbourhood, stopping off for dinner and drinks on the way. 

How to start 

3pm Afternoon coffee begins at Berry Beans, formerly a Qing Dynasty brothel and now a third-wave coffee roaster in a delightfully quaint courtyard. The rooftop is a stone’s throw from the nearby hubbub, but remains a peaceful spot to recharge before some serious eating ahead.

4pm Go for a stroll around Qianmen. Take in the restored architecture of the old front gate of the walled city and catch a glimpse of some of the best juxtapositions of new and old in Beijing.


5pm Grab a traditional Beijing pastry from one of the numerous snack stalls along Meishi Dajie, which will take you back towards dinner.

6pm Dinner is at Deyuan Roast Duck, the unpretentious and authentic kaoya joint that serves up thick slices of juicy breast at the popular lao Beijing price of 158RMB per bird. Be warned: they’ll hurry you out before you’ve even finished your last pancake, but for the price and atmosphere, it’s unbeatable.


7.30pm Catch a film at Beijing’s oldest cinema, just 150m away. Daguanlou has been screening pictures for over a century, and is awash with vintage charm. 


Films are usually in Mandarin, but its more about reclining on red silk, Ming dynasty-style couches and sipping Tsingtao at this classic film house (35-50RMB per ticket).


9pm Gran a jianbing.


Credit: Untour Food Tours.

After lounging on the sofa at Daguanlou, stroll along the main drag of Dashilar Dajie and grab a late night jianbing.


Credit: Untour Food Tours.

This quintessential Beijing street food, a thin egg pancake filled with meat and lettuce and brushed with spicy sauce, is the only way to end a night in ‘old Peking’ (5-8RMB each).

CBD, Beijing's business districts, is made for the young and the restless. 

How to start

3pm Check out what’s on at KWM Art Center, the CBD’s only art gallery, housed in the World Financial Centre.


5pm Follow up with an afternoon coffee at Da Xiao in 5Lmeet, followed by a milkshake and ping-pong at Hatchery Arcade.


6.30pm Dinnertime. There are plenty of expensive but worthwhile options in the CBD – we particularly rate F Bistronome in China World Mall for classic French food and stunning urban views.

rsz牛排Côte de bœuf (Beef)

8pm Take your views even higher with a post-dinner drink at Atmosphere. On the 80th floor of the China World Summit Wing Hotel, you’re in for a spectacular midnight vista at this classy hotel bar (as long as the pollution is low).

When a man is tired of Sanlitun he's tired of l... No, actually that's probably fair enough. 

Escape the bar street bubble by eating and drinking your way through the nearby Xingfucun area instead. 

How to start 

3pm There will be very good coffee and charming fresh pastries at There Will Be Bread, a European bakery on Xingfucun Zhong Lu that in fact takes its name from a speech made by Lenin in 1917, not the film made by Paul Thomas Anderson in 2007. Obscure cultural references aside, TWBB is an airy and accessible spot to chill out in over a flat white; the small spot does get busy though, so it’s probably not one to hang around in, which is fine as there’s much else to be eaten on this tour.


4pm Go round the corner for a craft beer at Jing A Xingfucun.

jing a

6pm Head north for noodles at Morning. The reganmian are awesome, and perfectly accompanied by the xiaomianwo, Chinese doughnuts that are fried and delicately flavoured with sesame.


8pm Start the evening proper a cocktail at Botany, followed by an apartment bar crawl around the rest of the block. Yoolee Plaza has more bars per square metre than anywhere else in Beijing, so there’s plenty to explore for an evening of mirth.

Gulou is full of trendy restaurants, bars and nightspots so it's no surprise that our foodies walking tour of the area is made for 24-hour party people. 

How to start

3pm Start your day the traditional Beijing way with a traditional yoghurt and shaobing (baked bread) on Yonghegong Dajie. The shopfront at number 153 sells classic ceramic pots of slightly sweetened suannai (5RMB), while the laoban Jin Yun Shao Bing (145 Yonghegong Daijie) whips up steaming fresh breads in his street side tandoor-like clay oven, with a range of fillings (from 6RMB).


4pm Warmed for a stroll, head north a few blocks to Wudaoying Hutong. Our favourite caffeine stop is Barista, the OG of Beijing coffee that knows its long black from its macchiato.


5pm It wouldn’t be a foodie tour without a jianbing. For what could well be the best jianbing in the Jing (if not the most traditional), walk over to Pancooker on Andingmen Nei Daijie, where you’ll get a crispier and less greasy cake than your average, and they can even add cheese if you’re into that (and bacon!).

6pm For dinner, stroll south to the Drum and Bell Towers, where you’ll find Hani Gejiu. This scruffy, homely Yunnan joint is exceedingly pleasant and is tucked away from the hubbub of Gulou proper. All the Yunnan classics can be found here, as well as local hotpot.

8pm It’s drinks o’clock, and although Gulou isn’t quite what it used to be in terms of merriment and mirth, there are still a few watering holes and plenty of good times to be had. Nina, on Beiluoguxiang, pours ridiculously cheap Italian drinks. The aperitivi are excellent as well, if you’re still somehow hungry.


  • 4 out of 5 stars