Beijing vs Shanghai: who's kinkier?

Time Out readers in both cities filled out the same sex survey, juice ensued

A little while back, we at Time Out sex-surveyed the f*ckers of Beijing and Shanghai; sexed 'em up six ways through Sichuan with our probing, prodding sex questions. The results of the cum-parative study are below.

A little lower...


That's it...


The results


If you're a woman who wants to orgasm, go to Shanghai

People from that city prefer the rarely-lets-you-down woman on top position to plain old missionary. Yet doggy style still wins in both cities. Woof.

Shanghainese like some freaky stuff

One person kindly told us 'I like to wear my partner's clothes occasionally,' which was fine, until we heard from the person who said 'I occasionally don a nappy and suck a dummy before "matron" puts me to bed.'

Shanghainese are interested in trade – trading partners, that is

We're not really into partner swapping, whereas people from Shanghai were far more up for, erm, sharing the love.

Shanghainese dip their pens in the office ink

When asked where they get sex from, one in twenty Shanghai lovers said they'd had a relationship with their secretary, intern, PA or pool boy. Not one single Beijinger ticked this option.

We cheat more than they do

10 percent more people in Shanghai said the had never cheated, and only 2 percent said they were serial cheaters who couldn't stop themselves – in comparison to a massive 13 percent of Beijingers. We're terrible love rats, basically.

More Beijing men have 'yellow fever'

A marked majority of Shanghai gents prefer to level the playing field: 60 percent ticked, 'I am an equal opportunities ladies' man.' Lucky, lucky ladies.

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