Beijing's best gift shops

Great gifts in these Beijing gems

Struggling to find the perfect Beijing gift for the person who has everything? Head to these unique Beijing present shops and you're sure to find some inspiration.



A traditional cobbler in the heart of old Beijing, making hand-stitched shoes for customers since 1853.

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34 Dashilar Jie

Ubi Gallery

Ubi Gallery specialises in jewellery and ceramics, primarily featuring designers from Asia and many with international backgrounds. Pieces are unique – and priced to match – with many designers we haven’t seen elsewhere in Beijing. We love the delicate designs from Amulet by D and the architectural bent of Mariko Sumioka’s work.

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62 Yangmeizhu Xiejie (Fengtai)Free

Three Stones Kite Store

Shaped as everything from swallows to dragons, these gorgeous paper kites start from 100-200RMB, while the top-of- the-line ones cost over 10,000RMB. On request, owner Liu can also whip up custom designs and the shop occasionally offers kite-making courses. Even if you’re not taking them to the park for a day out, these kites make beautiful, decorative gifts.

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25A Di’anmen Xidajie

Liubiju Pickle and Sauce Shop (六必居)

Founded over 480 years ago, Liubiju is one of the oldest brands in the capital. Pickles and other preserves ferment in deep white-and-blue ceramic vats while Beijingers hurry about stocking up on these condiments. We can’t imagine that the scene’s changed much from its early days.

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3 Niangshi Jie (Miyun county)


LoOne Commune

Like your photography strictly digital? Then you’d best keep walking right on past this slightly grimy but charming shop that’s devoted wholly to the realm of film and lomo cameras. But if the idea of a vintage Polaroid or Hong Kong-imported Holga sets you aflutter, then a venture to LoOne won’t be a wasted one.

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310 Andingmen Nei Dajie


Anyone who's been in Beijing for more than five minutes knows that the best way to explore the city is by bicycle. For those looking to scoop up a fixed gear (and juggling balls), this Wudaoying bike shop is your place. The bikes (from 2,800RMB) are held in high esteem locally. Bike rentals and juggling workshops also offered.

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46 Fangjia Hutong (Miyun county)


Concertino is half knick-knack store, half Western grocery. It’s a bit of a mish-mash of everything. Knickknacks are whatever strikes owner Yan Chulong’s fancy: we grabbed a few neon stickers with ‘chaos’ written boldly in Chinese, and contemplated a velvety American flag blanket.

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4 Ju’erHutong (Miyun county)


UCCA Store

As well as genuine pieces of contemporary art, the UCCA gift shop showcases a handful of contemporary Chinese designers and old-school brands. Update your wardrobe with Dongtian & Maggie sunglasses (from 1,380RMB) or a pair of Shulong sneakers (80RMB).

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4 Jiuxianqiao Lu (Changping)

Plastered T-Shirts (798 Shop)

Long established graphic T-shirt vendor Plastered isn't a new find, but its constant evolution and creativity keep us coming back. The recent refitting of Plastered's original Nanluoguxiang shop gives it a fresher feel these days, making it a worthwhile stop to check out new T-shirt designs, pick up some Feiyue sneakers or a stylish facemask.

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4 Jiuxianqiao Lu (Changping)


Pop-Up Beijing

This Sanlitun boutique is a haven for high-quality and creative takes on classic Chinese gifts. Products range from ceramics, homewares and jewellery to pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime.

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4 Gongti bei lu (Changping)

The Beast

The team of florists at The Beast will create bouquets of flowers for you based on who you're sending them to, and what message you want to convey. Although the main attraction here is the flowers, the shop also stocks charming jewellery and other accessories.

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19 Sanlitun Lu


Spin Ceramics

The porcelain pieces here come from Jingdezhen, the ceramics capital of China. Prices start at 60RMB and go up to 1,000RMB and beyond for larger sets.

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2 Dingfuzhuang Xili, Courtyard 24H (Changping)

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