The best shows in Beijing this July

The best theatre, dance and classical music in Beijing this July

Beijing Dance Festival: Season(s)
July is here, and with it comes a host of shows to enjoy on one of the many stages around Beijing. Whether it's classical music, opera or stage productions that are your jam or all of them we've got you covered with our picks of the best shows taking place this month.

Events disappear from this page as they pass, so if you're looking at a sparse page you missed the boat [sad face]. But come back next month for another glut of events to keep you entertained.

Let's dance! The pick of the shows as Beijing Dance Festival returns

Summer can be a bleak time for arts in Beijing, but from July 26 to 31, the city's biggest dance event returns. Now in its eleventh year, the Beijing Dance Festival (BDF) is unique because it provides a genuine platform for the talented amateur or the emerging choreographer, who rarely have a voice.

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By: Nancy Pellegrini

NT Live: Julius Caesar

Critics' pick

Alarmed by Caesar's popularity, the educated elite conspire to bring him down. After his assassination, civil war erupts on the streets of the capital. Nicholas Hytner's production thrusts the audience into the street party that greets Caesar’s return, the congress that witnesses his murder, the rally that assembles for his funeral, and the chaos that explodes in its wake.

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