Beijing's best museums about technology

Unleash your inner engineer at Beijing's best machinery museums

In its august 5,000 years of history, the Chinese nation can lay claim to some pretty impressive technological achievements. Beijing can also lay claim to some pretty impressive museums celebrating said achievements, so get your boots on to learn about all things technological.

Beijing Auto Museum (北京汽车博物馆)

One of the more architecturally impressive museums in the capital, this is a futuristic, curved metal complex, while inside, sleek staircases spiral up five floors in a vast atrium. You’re here for the cars though, and fortunately exhibits themselves are also of a good standard. The first ...

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Qiche Bowuguan Dong Lu (Fengtai)

Beijing Classic Car Museum (北京老爷车博物馆)

At this enormous warehouse in Huairou district, former government chauffeur-turned-collector Luo Wenyou keeps the majority of his 200 or so classic cars, among them a plush 1975 limo made by the Chinese brand Hongqi as a gift for Mao Zedong. He died before he could receive it, but now it’s the ...

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19 Fengxiangyiyuan (Huairou)

China Tank Museum (中国坦克博物馆)

For a place that glorifies heavy artillery, there is something surprisingly peaceful about the Tank Museum, owing to its setting near the surrounding Yanshan Mountains. Skip the sparse entrance building and stroll around the expansive courtyard with its 40-plus tanks – all with English-language ...

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Yangfang Zhen (Chaoyang, --select--)

Chinese Aviation Museum (中国航空博物馆)

All the way in Changping district, the Chinese Aviation Museum – the largest in Asia – features displays of 300 aircraft and thousands of missiles, guns and military equipment. Outside are countless Chinese- and Soviet-made fighter jets (including the PLA’s first, the F-6) and bombers. Make your ...

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Shuiku Lu

China Railway Museum (Dongjiao branch) 中国铁道博物馆东郊馆

Wandering among the 40-odd hulking steam engines at the China Railway Museum, one almost expects them to burst into life at any second. It’s like a graveyard for these huge, ever-impressive locomotives. Perhaps the most stunning specimen on display is the famous Mao Zedong train, the front of ...

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1 Jiuxianqiao Bei Lu (Chaoyang, Chaoyang)

Beijing Waterworks Museum (北京自来水博物馆)

Moisture is the essence of water, and water is the essence of one of Beijing’s most offbeat museum experiences. Formerly known, nay, famed as the Beijing Museum of Tap Water (in a city not exactly famed for the stuff), this place has in recent years moved home and upgraded, to become the more ...

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3 Xiangheyuan Jie (Miyun county)

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