The best museums in Tiananmen

The capital of the capital is home to the heavy hitters of the museum world

If you're in town for the National Museum of China, why not also pop to one of the nearby museums, to truly get your fix of Chinese culture and history?

National Museum of China (中国国家博物馆)

Cramming the oft-quoted ‘5,000 years of Chinese history’ under one roof is a tough task, but this remarkable museum on the eastern edge of Tiananmen Square does a fine job of it. With nearly 200,000sqm of exhibition space, it’s the third largest in the world and the permanent home to over one ...

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16 Dong Chang’an Jie (Tiananmen, Dongcheng)

Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall (北京市规划展览馆)

One of Beijing’s heavy-hitters in the museum world, the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall boasts two unexpected features: it’s much more interesting than its name suggests, and it’s pretty poorly planned. Don’t let the lack of clear navigation around the building put you off, though; wherever ...

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20 Qianmen Dong Dajie (Miyun county)

China Numismatic Museum (中国钱币博物馆)

It’s sometimes easy to forget in Beijing that cash is A Thing. If the world of WeChat and Alipay has got you craving the slower, numismatic pace of life, then head to this place for a lesson in the history of the hard stuff. Numismatic means coins and currency, if you’re feeling less fancy, ...

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17 Xijiaominxiang (Xicheng, Xicheng)

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