Crawl, climb and explore at this indoor caving adventure

Gear up, kids: half-price off at the world's largest artificial indoor cave attraction

Photo: Jackie Park
This winter, we're bringing you yet another TO Deal that'll give the kids quite the adrenaline rush. Let the children weasel their way through this indoor adventure past stalagmites and up walls at 798's Cave Discovery Center.

If the name sounds familiar, it's because our Kid Eye Reviewers have gushed about it before. Since the centre has undergone several upgrades, including two Frozen-themed caves and a challenging 100m long cave that snakes its way from the ground floor all the way to the second floor.

For this TO Deal, we've teamed up with Cave Discovery Centre to offer our readers the chance to go indoor spelunking. Originally 588RMB, we're offering it to Time Out Family readers at only 290RMB.

"Frozen wow"

Get ready for another...
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What it is

Located within the 798 Art District, the caving centre is also Asia's first artificial geological cave project and the world's longest man-made indoor cave with more than 500 metres to explore. Co-created by top European and Chinese amusement designers, the project aims to introduce children to the joy of caving within a controlled and safe environment. Tinier guests will scurry back and forth while bigger guests will army-crawl and slide their way (sometimes on their bums) through the cave. You'll also climb, navigate the network of mazes, slide under stalactites and carefully ascend and descend vertical, slippery cave-like structures.

Unfortunately, parents with a stockier build may not be able to join in the fun because well, you might not fit. When we went, our photographer wasn't able to join us into the caves. It was the women with the smaller build who accompanied the children.

Gear up

Guests are required to use the safety equipment

Your gear will include a headlamp, a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads

What to expect

There are nine caves in total, with varying levels of difficulty. The first and second caves are the easiest and are suitable for first-timers and young children while the last one, the ninth cave, is the most challenging, spanning 100m that goes from the ground floor all the way to the second floor. We recommend making use of the equipment and reminding the kids to crawl on their elbow pads and knee pads when necessary while inside the cave.

Caves One and Two

The 30-metre long caves are good warm-ups for newcomers and young children alike. Children will need to cross under or around stalagmites and stalactites and do a bit of climbing before reaching the end.

Smaller kids can easily pass through while parents will have to slide or crawl under

One of the cave paintings

If you're not heading in with your children then also mention that there are some cave paintings inside that the kids can look out for.

Caves three to six

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These 40-metre routes, in addition to being slightly longer, are also more challenging because of its vertical challenges. While inside the cave, kids will need to scale up a two-metre-high wall to continue their journey further into the cave. For parents considering venturing into the third cave, this path is a bit more narrow than the others, so bigger adults might find it challenging to get through.

Inside the fourth cave is one-metre deep ball pool, an attempt to mimic the little water pools in caves. And like those water pools, spelunkers will need to 'swim through' to get to the other side of the cave.

Cave 7

WeChat Image_20191219075207

The cave on the left offers a network of twists and turns and several exits while the structure on the right is a crawling space for kids that exits into a vertical netted climbing areaThe seventh cave is 83 meters long and is divided into two sections: a rock maze with multiple exits and a snow-and-ice route.

Though this cave is under the 'hard' category, our six-year-old felt it wasn't hard enough because she was able to exit easily too often.

In our opinion, kids as young as four can explore this area on their own.

Caves 8 and 9

Cave 8, or the world's only artificial ice and snow cave

Riding on the Frozen wave is this wintry cave, currently the only artificial ice and snow exploration cave in the world. As you go in, the whites on the walls of the cave do give it a snowy feel, and so does its extra slippery floor. Guests are required guests to use non-slip socks for this cave.

Cave 9

The ninth and longest of all the caves was the most challenging of them all. At 100 metres long, the journey through this cave will find guests exploring passages of varying sizes including wide routes than slowly narrow, rock climbing, making short descents and more.

If the kids are struggling inside the cave and need some help, tell them to look out for the emergency exits: little red doors that can be found in every cave. There will be staff available to help and open the door.

Think the kids are tired? They probably are, but that doesn't mean they won't ask for another round. You can imagine who amongst our group were the first to call it quits and who wanted more. Trying out one cave won't be enough, and this is why this multi-cave deal is perfect for your little adventurers.

TO Deal

Ready for your adventure? Here's the deal:

Terms and Conditions
1. Originally priced at 588RMB, these VIP cards are now only 290RMB;
2. The card uses a point system and holds a total of 8 points, and each point costs 68RMB.
3. It can only be used for these routes:
Routes 1-4 (once per person per session at 1 point each)
Route 7 (once per person per session at 1 point each)
4. Only four points at a time can be used, which means you'll have to come a second time;
5. Tickets for caves 5, 6, 8 and 9 can be bought at the venue itself. Tickets for caves 5, 6 and 8 (which require two points each) cost 136RMB while tickets for cave 9 (3 points) costs 204RMB.
6. Cards must be used within 30 days of the first time it was used.
7. Cards must be used up until March 18, 2020.

Additional information
1. For caves 1-7, children must be at least 100cm and above to play, but children 100-120cm must be accompanied by an adult;
2. For caves 8-9, children must be 110cm and up to play, but children 110-140cm must be accompanied by an adult.
3. Guests are responsible for their own personal belongings;
4. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the establishment;
5. For your own safety, please do not bring sharp items and accessories (including watches、bracelets etc.) into the cave
6. Pregnant women and patients with heart disease, hypertension, dark phobia and claustrophobia are discouraged from trying this activity;
7. Guests must wear the recommended protective gear;
8. If feeling unwell, seek help immediately.
9. No spitting or littering within the premises.

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Venue information

798 Cave Discovery Center (798 探洞工场)

798's latest kid-friendly space invites brave little souls to try their hand (and feet) at spelunking with these man-made indoor caves. There are six different routes to conquer—each one with a different challenge. On all fours, you could find yourself crawling through sudden gusts of wind, ...

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Jiuxianqiao (Chaoyang, --select--)

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