Time Out Tokyo reveals its city's best!

Love Tokyo Awards picks its top establishments for your Tokyo to-do list!

Visiting Tokyo, be it for the first time tourist or the seasoned traveller, can be an intimidating experience. With its unique culture and etiquette, as well as its indecipherable language, it can sometimes be hard to know what to do and where to go in Tokyo. That's where Time Out's inaugural Love Tokyo Awards comes to the rescue.

For over a month, editors from across the Time Out network, from Beijing to Bangkok, converged in Tokyo to review its nominated establishments. Hopping on and off the city's bustling 13 metro lines, strutting down neon lit boulevards and trudging through hidden alleys, the international team of editors tried out the shortlisted cafes, restaurants, bars and shops and voted.

And these are the winners
Best Restaurant: King crab specialist Kitafuku Ginza

Best Bar: Bar Oak at the Tokyo Station Hotel
Best Café: Tea and wagashi specialist Higashiya

Best Shop: Isetan Shinjuku

Best Product: Tokyo Bike

Despite just a whirlwind weekend exploring Tokyo's finest, it's evident that it's an amazing city where traditional Japanese sensitivities meets trending modern sensibilities. This manifests in stellar establishments unlike anywhere else in the world.

And now with an authoritative list of winners that stand head and shoulders over already brilliant nominations (which are equally worth checking out), Time Out Tokyo has inadvertently created a must-do list for when you next visit Tokyo!