Beijing's best ice lollies tried and tested

Our favourite cheap summer treats to beat the heat

 Lucky for us, Beijing has perhaps the most effective and universal air conditioning known to man – the ice lolly. Impossibly cheap, impressively diverse and – for a city that continues to resist the ice cube – astoundingly ubiquitous, the frozen treat is your best friend this season. 

Prominently located on virtually every street corner from the outskirts of Fengtai to the north side of the Great Wall, chest freezers offer a reliable trove of cooling relief. Avoiding the sometimes hard-to-find and pricey 'premium' imports, we came up with a list of the best frozen treats out there. We only had three requirements: the treat had to be common enough to be found at, at least, one shop in a block radius, the treat couldn't cost more than 10RMB and it had to be a worthy indulgence for its caloric value. 

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