Melo Lounge

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Melo Lounge
6 Fangyuan Xi Lu
Lido's Melo Lounge is hardly reserved in its décor, a trait it shares with many of the city's overdone clubs targeting China's rich. But here, you'll find giant book cases in place of TV screens, with just a small stage for a band. 

Relaxation is the focus at Melo Lounge. You wouldn't do well to smoke a cigar in crowded Gongti club Mix, but here at Melo, it's very much called for. In fact, the air is perfumed with it.

Their patio area is a real highlight. The solid wall of flora will make you forget you're right next to the road; not only is your view obstructed, but with the wind blowing in the trees, you'll hardly notice the growling of the engines nearby. 

Small tables are dwarfed by bird cages big enough to host the eagles from The Hobbit. In place of feathery occupants, you'll find padded seating for a private group. These spots fill up fast in the warming months, however, so you'll want to book ahead to guarantee a spot.

Service was excellent during our visit on a rainy summer's day. The downpour had caught us off-guard and we were without any protection from the torrent. Not only did Melo Lounge staff arrange a cab for us, they also escorted each member of our party to the car under cover of the bouncers' umbrellas. 

Not only that, we left behind a personal item, which we were able to retrieve from their lost and found the following day.
Venue name: Melo Lounge
Opening hours: 1.30pm-3am daily
English address: Building 1, 6 Fangyuan Xi Lu, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区芳园西路6号院一号楼
  • 4 out of 5 stars