Yipiao Homestay 一瓢民宿

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Photo: 一瓢民宿  
Minsu Cun, Ziyang Shangzhuang, Tanzhe Si Zhen
Another boutique location offering a stylish hot spring escape is Yipiao Homestay (一瓢民宿), also called Mentougou district's most beautiful inn. This Japanese-styled homestay has a total of five rooms, each organised differently and offering a different window view.

To give you a taste of Japanese winter without the leaving Beijing, in addition to its Japanese-styled baths the homestay also has snow machines which allow guests to experience snow anytime and kimono rentals for guests to try.
Venue name: Yipiao Homestay 一瓢民宿
English address: Minsu Cun, Ziyang Shangzhuang, Tanzhe Si Zhen, Mentougou district
Chinese address: 门头沟区潭柘寺镇紫旸山庄民宿群
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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