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6 Chaowai Street
At Prime Fitness, there are no machines. You are the machine. Drawing inspiration from the ‘paleo’ movement, Prime focuses on getting humans back to their best physical condition through movements that mimic our primal ancestors. Did our primal ancestors have cross-trainers or muscle-isolaters or treadmills? Nope. Rather than allowing clients to run amok on ineffective electronic machinery, the only machines in sight are rowing machines (because they utilize a strengthening pulling motion). Besides that, the equipment is weights, mats, balls and barbells. Additionally, one is never left to his own devices at Prime. All sessions are by appointment only, where a personal trainer works to give you a workout that best suits your needs and ultimate goals.

Besides the actual training, the facilities at Prime are sophisticated and pristine. The space is small, but the intimate size is essential to the ‘personal’ instruction. Large windows, white floors, and light walls make the central exercise area feel airy and spacious. While your surroundings won’t make you feel like a caveman running through the wild in pursuit of your prey, after a 30-minute session in this beautiful studio, your body hopefully will.

There is no membership fee, as clients pay by session. Sessions are broken down into 30-minute one-on-one (350RMB), 30-minute partner training (450RMB total), and 45-minute small group training (150RMB a person). Permanent locker rental is 100RMB/month.
Venue name: Prime Fitness
Metro: Chaoyangmen
English address: RM3009, Second Floor, Vantone Building A/B 6 Chaowai Street, Chaoyang district
  • 4 out of 5 stars

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