Jinyuetai Hotel 北京金岳台温泉酒店

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Photo: Jinyuetai Hotel
Dalinggou Xing Cun, Shisan Ling Zhen
For a pet-friendly hot spring staycation, you'll want to head over to the Beijing Jinyuetai Hotel. The former factory is now an industrial-style hotel, its palette of soft grey and brown features integrating well with its environment. Each room has its own bath, some indoors and some outdoors.

Let the staff know in advance if you do decide to bring along your pets. And once at the hotel, set them free at the hotel's wide, grassy lawn.
Venue name: Jinyuetai Hotel 北京金岳台温泉酒店
English address: Dalinggou Xing Cun, Shisan Ling Zhen, Changping district
Chinese address: 昌平区十三陵镇大岭沟新村
  • 4 out of 5 stars